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Team up with a Microsoft Advanced Specialization Partner to modernize business applications and embrace modern analytics on the Azure cloud.

Microsoft Advanced Specialization Partner

With over 20 years of industry experience, deep technical expertise, full stack capability, and end-to-end services, Adastra leads the partner ecosystem via scalable, stable, secure, and high performing Azure digital transformation solutions.

Adastra is a Microsoft Advanced Specialization Partner in Analytics and Azure, as well as Windows & SQL Server Migration to Azure. We are proud to be recognized as Microsoft’s 2022 Data Platform Modernization, Financial Services and Modern Marketing Impact Award recipient.

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What We Do

Azure Foundation

Implementation of a cloud adoption framework for new cloud journeys, implementation of well architected framework for more mature environments. Starting with basics like tenant design, resource naming, service tag approach, network architecture, governance design, and Total Cost of Analysis, through to more advanced topics like hybrid network implementation, multi-cloud deployments, DevOps integration, and IAC automation, Adastra can do it all for its client with its 24/7 global operations support teams across North America, Europe and Asia.

Azure App/Data

Adastra’s superpowers in app and data migration carry over to cloud methodologies. Be it app/data assessment, decisioning (lift and shift, refactor vs. modernize), application architecture, API management, microservices architecture, security design, migration roadmap, migration execution, CI/CD Pipelines, or DevOps integration, we are your one-stop shop for data-driven modernizations.

Power Platform

Power Platform is a low code/no code set of tools ideal for citizen development deployment strategies but with a robust governance approach, making it suitable for IT lead analytic environments. Starting with use case assessment and governance recommendations that include roles/responsibilities, an environment strategy, and center of excellence (CoE) kits, getting started the right way will save time down the road. With expertise in canvas/model apps, Power Automate flows, Power Automate robotic process automation (RPA), dataverse, Power BI datasets, and reports and dashboards, we can help as much or as little as needed to help you succeed.

Azure AI/ML​

With previously unachieved compute power, AI/ML workloads were made from Azure. Advanced analytics assessment, cognitive service integration, and R&D model training and testing are available in a variety of manners. From professional workbenches on Databricks to graphical user interfaces (GUI) in ML studio, Azure has variety of approaches for everyone from seasoned data scientists and professional programmers, to analytical power users. With a mature MLOps implementations and seamless integration of many tools to Azure Synapse, it’s easy to make the models and results available to the entire community.

Why Embrace Microsoft Technologies?


Scaling up a solution can be as simple as moving a slider across a screen and as quick as a snap. Need more compute power for month-end processing? Simply scale up and then scale back down after it’s done. Don’t need your VMs running overnight? You can shut them down on schedule. Need to upgrade your spark cluster to use a cutting-edge graphics processing units (GPU) process for complex data science modelling? Not a problem. Azure has the ability to reconfigure lots of resources as well as to lockdown the options via Azure Policy to provide guardrails on your deployments.


Azure cloud analytics makes just about anything available. Starting with an analytics assessment, Adastra can help you determine the right architecture to solve your needs. With low cost of storage, a robust data lake is easily achievable. We can stop that data lake from turning into a data swamp. Whether it’s Kimball, Inmon, data vault or lakehouse architecture, Adastra has experience implementing them in Azure. From smaller data marts stored on Azure SQL DB to fully realized data warehousing solutions on Synapse dedicated or petabyte-scale data lakes, we can help you achieve your goals.


Microsoft is a leader in IT security and provides continuous updates to systems in place as well as hosting secured data centres across the world. Advanced data threat protection is built into many of the offers. Monitoring of workloads can be done from the instance level right up to enterprise level with Azure Sentinel or with many popular Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) tools. With private end points and VNET injection, many solutions can greatly reduce any surface area for attack. With consistent application of RBAC pinned by Azure Active Directory (AD), many solutions can be secured in a familiar method as before by AD Admins. Azure environments can be as flexible or as secure as they need to be. This leads to Azure being compliant with standards such as NIST, FedRAMP, OSFI, HIPAA, C5, GDPR and a wide variety of ISO standards.

Featured Success Stories

“We consulted with Adastra on establishing the foundational framework for MS Power Platform at QuadReal, with a focus on effectively managing, scaling and governing the applications within our organization. Adastra enabled productive discussions with our team, offered tailored and definitive recommendations, delivered usable resources and were an active and knowledgeable partner in this process.”

Sonny Thind

Senior Vice President, Enterprise Solutions, QuadReal Property Group (Real Estate)

Mastering Microsoft Technologies to Drive Business Value

Transform your enterprise applications with rich business logic, workflow capabilities and design concepts on Microsoft Power Apps.
Improve productivity, streamline repetitive tasks, and integrate with business applications through automated workflows.
Get to know your performance metrics with Power BI – with any data, at any time, on any device.
Accelerate time to insights across data warehouses and big data systems using an enterprise analytics service.
Govern, protect, and manage your data estate while enabling data consumers to access valuable, trustworthy data management with Azure Purview.
Unlock insights from all your data and build AI solutions with your Apache Spark environment in minutes.

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