Cloud Enablement

Leverage the cloud to transform your business and foster innovation.

Innovate and Scale with the Cloud

Migrating to the cloud offers many benefits—from cost savings to increased agility. But it’s challenging to unlock the cloud’s full potential if you lack the resources to manage your infrastructure, applications and security in-house.

Adastra can fast-track your ROI by integrating the cloud into your business innovation strategy.

As a premium partner of the three leading providers—Microsoft, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP)—we’ll guide you through every step of your cloud journey.

We have the experience to ensure your cloud architecture drives innovation, boosts operational resiliency and helps you achieve your other business goals.

Explore Our Cloud Enablement Services

Embrace a structured, holistic approach to cloud adoption to minimize risks and maximize your ROI.
Seamlessly migrate to the cloud without disruptions to your operations.
Keep your data and business applications secure in the cloud.
Make your costs predictable and maximize the return on your cloud investments.
Keep your business running—no matter what happens.
Stay focused on your business strategy with turnkey support for your cloud, data and AI environments.

Why Adastra for Cloud Enablement?


Adastra’s cloud, AI and data management experts will use their deep technical and industry knowledge to help you achieve your transformation goals.

Trusted Partner

With Adastra, you’re not just a number. We build a long-term relationship that future-proofs your operations and ensures business continuity.

Cost Optimization

Leverage flexible pricing models to maximize your business outcomes. We help you choose the right solutions for your needs and budget.


Cloud enablement services make it easy to scale your environment up or down based on your current business needs.


Adastra helps you harness technologies, such as the cloud and AI, so you can increase your organization’s agility and drive innovation.

Speed and Reliability

Adastra responds to your requests in near real-time to ensure that your infrastructure maintains high levels of performance and availability.


Implement identity management, automated monitoring and infrastructure-as-code to streamline your governance processes.


Security Information and Event Management services provide a rapid, effective response to your environment and security events.
Success Story

AWS Data Warehouse Modernization for AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca needed to implement a modernized platform that would create a single repository of trusted information, across their organization.

Adastra architected and implemented an enterprise Data Warehouse, leveraging Amazon Redshift to replace AstraZeneca’s on-premise Oracle and Business Objects solution, instilling a set of Governance best practices and accelerators to ensure trust and accuracy.


unique data quality issues have been resolved


reports and dashboards have been migrated


increase in reports accuracy

Success Story

Cloud Enablement Success Story

A large retail company wanted to replace its data platform with a collaborative BI solution to help teams drive insights, make smarter decisions and deliver better results.

Adastra implemented an intelligent, user-friendly platform that enables suppliers and management to make informed decisions backed by accurate data. The new platform also provides insights that help the retailer optimize its cloud costs and investments.


reduced cost per query


faster deployment


incident management

Why Adastra for Cloud Enablement?

  • 20+ years of data integration experience  
  • Custom solutions to meet your needs 
  • Highly qualified cloud and data analytics experts 
  • A world-leading data management and AI platform 
  • Comprehensive insights that support your decisions   
  • Premium partnerships with Microsoft, AWS and GCP 

“The implementation of the AWS Cloud Analytics Platform powered complex insights into our business in an automated fashion. This eliminated the need for manual data manipulations and allowed all business users to focus on our main mission—offering high-quality, affordable healthcare and delivering integrated medical services with compassion and care.”  

Chris Smith | VP Digital Health, Skylight Health Group (Healthcare) 

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