Increase customer satisfaction with AI-powered insights and custom digital solutions.

Customers Demand a Seamless Experience

Telecommunications customers are demanding secure, high-quality services and stable network connectivity. They also want access to self-service portals where they can change their plans and pay invoices. They expect empathetic omnichannel support if they need to reach out for customer service.

Adastra can help you increase customer satisfaction—while reducing costs, fraud and data loss. We do this by providing AI-powered insights and tailored digital solutions that give you a complete understanding of your customers, operations and data. Armed with these insights, you can proactively improve your customer experience and mitigate risks.

How Adastra Transforms Telecommunications

Modern BI Platforms

Adastra helps you put data at the forefront of your decision-making with enterprise business intelligence (BI) and AI tools.

End-to-End Automation

Enhance your processes with automated tools so employees can focus on what they do best—not on tedious tasks.

Data Governance

Take care of your data by ensuring that it’s always correct, complete and compliant with a sound data governance strategy.

Strong Data Security

Mitigate the risk of cyberattacks while guaranteeing the availability, integrity and confidentiality of your customer and organizational data.
Contactless digital reception development for Vodafone - square image.
Success Story

Vodafone Enhanced Customer Service with a Contactless Digital Reception

Vodafone wanted to digitalize the sign-in process in order to free up the receptionist’s time and make the guests’ sign-in experience efficient and comfortable.

Adastra developed a contactless digital reception application to replace the paper-based sign-in process with a flawless digital experience.


faster customer service


paper-based check-in process


need of handwritten logs

Optimize Your Telecommunication Operations

Leverage intelligent analytics to make data-driven decisions and deliver high-quality, personalized customer experiences.

Customer lnsights

Leverage in-depth insights through proactive reporting that gives you a comprehensive view of each customer.

Reduce Churn

Give customers products and services that match their unique preferences, so you can increase satisfaction, build loyalty and reduce churn.

Optimize Offers

Real-time data modelling shows you how adjusting your prices or other service vectors can help grow your revenue.

Simplify Onboarding

Streamline your customer and employee onboarding processes with a secure, user-friendly digital interface.

Improved Services

Deeper customer insights can help you determine how to enhance your products and services so you can hit sales targets.

Faster Resolutions

Promptly repair connectivity issues and resolve customer inquiries with real-time data across multiple support channels.

Telecommunication Industry Solutions

Fraud Prevention

Stay ahead of complex, ever-changing fraud tactics by leveraging data and AI.

Client Insights

Leverage customer data to get in-depth insights, uncover opportunities and optimize your offers.

Enterprise Reporting

Leverage proactive reporting to inform your decisions and guide your enterprise strategy.

Customer Experience

Deliver frictionless and personalized customer journeys via unique offers, chatbots and more.

Omni-Channel CX

Deliver personalized messaging to new and prospective customers across every channel.

Process Optimization

Make your operations more agile by automating and digitizing your processes.

Network Optimization

Reduce network downtime, improve connectivity and increase customer satisfaction.

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