Google Cloud Managed Services

Let Adastra help reduce your costs and manage your cloud operations.

Leave the Management to Us

As organizations increasingly invest in digital transformation, most have been relying on a “lift and shift” approach to quickly migrate to the cloud. However, whether they are migrating infrastructure or data, organizations can benefit from the help of an expert to optimize infrastructure and costs – making sure you are only paying for the resources you are using.

Adastra will take care of your needs with cloud-native tools, reduce additional effort and operation activities, and optimize OPEX (operational expenses).

Why Embrace Google Cloud Managed Services?

Use cloud resources through service providers without directly paying cloud provider fees. You get the benefit of reduced costs and maintenance errors and streamlined cloud operations.


Use our flexible model of agile shift between Google Cloud managed services.


Get near real-time response to your requests to ensure high availability of your infrastructure.

Trusted expertise

Benefit from our team’s deep technical knowledge and Google Cloud expertise.

Cost efficiency

Save money with a tailored managed services pricing model that fits your budget and business needs.

Focus On Your Core Business. We’ll Handle GCP.

Utilize cloud resources through a trustworthy Google Cloud managed service provider without having to pay for the resource itself. Reduce costs and maintenance errors and streamlining operations in the long run.

What We Do

Long-term support agreements

As a trusted partner, Adastra provides long-term contractual support and enhancement solutions to enterprise, mid and small-size companies.

Cloud resources

Compute Engine is GCP’s Infrastructure-As-A-Service (IaaS) offering, where end users can create virtual machines (VMs). VMs are physical servers on the cloud which provide Central processing unit (CPU), memory, storage, and runs on dedicated OS.

DevOps on GCP

We facilitate Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) best practices providing services that help build, test, and deploy business applications in GCP. Apply the best site reliability cloud engineering principles that incorporate all aspects of software engineering.

Application support services

We maintain your business continuity and ensure your business applications are highly available, reliable, and relevant to your evolving business needs.

Change management

Track, manage, and implement all required changes to your infrastructure and application workloads through our agile methodology.

Disaster recovery

Adastra runs backup and disaster recovery drills to ensure your business is safe and secure. We provide centralized, application-consistent protection for environments and applications running on-premises and on the Google Cloud.

Your Tailored Managed Services Engagement Model

Choose from two engagement models based on your needs. Adastra can simply be an augmentation to your IT staff or can provide support as a fully managed service partner assuming the support objectives in 3 support tiers.

Meet with the Adastra Managed Services team. Learn how we aim to exceed your expectations with an overview of our GCP managed services.

Deliverable: GCP Managed Services Overview

We review your architecture environment and assess your IT components and services to understand your business needs.

Deliverable: Scope of managed services

We prepare a proposal including scope of services, service transition details, operational readiness criteria, proposed service tier and pricing.

Deliverable: Client proposal for submission

We work with you to finalize an agreement on the scope of services to be provided, action plans, milestones to be met, timings and deliverables.

Deliverable: Project kick-off

Success Story

BI Platform and GCP Cost Optimization for Retail

The client wanted to replace an existing data platform with a collaborative BI solution that helps drive insights, make smarter decisions, and deliver measurably better results. They engaged with Adastra to support them in this endeavor.

I am truly impressed with the mindset of Adastra’s team. They do not miss any chances to consult us on strategic platform enhancements which have driven tremendous outcomes in the long run. Adastra was always there to respond quickly to any questions or concerns and was a reliable partner to have on our side. They embraced our mission as their own and ensured the high availability of our infrastructure and 24/7 incident management.

Senior Technical Project Manager | Large Retail Company

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Frequently Asked Questions

Managed IT services is the practice of outsourcing your IT support to another company. Instead of investing in costly infrastructure, staff and technology, you hire a managed services provider (MSP) to do the heavy lifting for you.

Google Cloud managed service providers are specialized third-party vendors that can help your organization by monitoring and managing your Google Cloud infrastructure, platforms, and solutions.

Access to a team of technical experts with decades of experience — at a fraction of the cost. Using a managed service provider allows your organization to focus on more strategic and high-value initiatives, while offloading IT functions.

Make the most of your Google Cloud Platform today