Internet of Things

Take integration to the next level.

Adastra brings you more than two decades of Information Management experience to leverage the connectivity of today’s smart devices, and the Big Data and Analytics expertise to develop truly integrated and responsive solutions. Whether we call it the Internet of things, Digitization of the Business, Industry 4.0, or just put “Smart” in front of whatever entity we want to optimize (as in Smart City, Smart Building, Smart Factory, etc.), it’s understood that with all of the devices out there producing data, there’s unlimited potential to improve business processes, provided we can access, integrate, and make that data meaningful and actionable. The Internet of Things means new services and products, improvement to existing services, more effective operations, and greatly improved monitoring and measurement.

Smart Store

  • Enhance customer experience and reduce checkout time by automating processes
  • Tagged items detected at checkout station and linked to customer account
  • Facial recognition technology to associate user and accounts
  • Apply advanced analytics and machine learning to determine spending patterns for promotions
  • Take inventory and planogram management to the next level
  • Real-time monitoring, reporting, and analytics
  • Loyalty rewards based on purchasing patterns

Smart Transit

  • Forecast ridership and capacity expansion using Bluetooth beacons, Wi-Fi tracking and video/image processing at platforms/stations
  • Integrate external data from city events, social media analytics to drive decisions about demand surge planning
  • Use real-time analytics to proactively inform riders about services delays and suggest alternates
  • Apply predictive maintenance to reduce unscheduled downtime and enhance rider satisfaction

Smart Supermarkets

  • Supermarket solution that is both environmentally friendly and saves money
  • Sensors placed in refrigerator units transmit data to reduce temperature spikes and mitigate equipment failures
  • Cut down operating cost, downtime and wastage with real time analytics and monitoring

Smart Construction

  • Enhance operational efficiency by integrating data from across equipment sensors and vendors systems
  • Perform predictive maintenance and reduce unexpected delays and costly downtime as well as inspections
  • Reduce insurance and compliance costs using smart entry-exit systems for enhanced safety

Smart Cities

  • Increase efficiency and reduce ongoing infrastructure maintenance costs by performing predictive maintenance on roads and bridges
  • Eliminate choke points by integrating special event data and live traffic information to drive traffic light timings/controls
  • Enhance revenue opportunities and decrease traffic by utilizing real-time bidding on smartphones for downtown parking spots

Smart Building Energy Management

  • Operate blinds, HVAC and lighting smartly by integrating them with predictions: Ingest and integrate data from: ambient temperature sensors, humidity sensors, and predictive analytics based on weather forecasts.
  • Predictive maintenance, operations optimization, and sensor fusion reduces overhead for property management.

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