Digitize data to optimize processes, cut waste and improve quality.

Manufacturing Needs to Modernize

Changing market conditions and fierce competition demand that your organization has the ability to adapt. Customers want new products, customization and personalized experiences while “smart” devices and new service-based revenue models are shaking up the industry. Balancing the need to get products to market with efficiency and cost control is a challenge without the right tools and technology to make it possible.

How We Transform Manufacturing Organizations

Break Down Silos

Get a single view of data captured from across your organization, including production line data and provide insight into your operations.

Digitize Processes

Transform your data management with a focus on optimization, replication and monitoring to begin leveraging data for insights and decisions.

Data Stewardship

We ensure your data is correct, complete and always available to those who need it to make decisions about the business.

Modernize Technology

We help you choose the best tools to capture, ingest, curate and use your valuable business data.

Transform to Smart Manufacturing

Embrace smart technologies to improve manufacturing performance and efficiency, while reducing waste and operational costs.

Become Data Driven

Enable real-time equipment monitoring, visual analytics and in-line quality testing to make proactive decisions about your business.

Improve Collaboration

Adopt solutions for fast prototyping, virtual reality production cell configuration and digital twin product modeling.

Increase Productivity

Automate with robotic and cognitive process automation, AI and machine learning and natural language processing.

Drive New Growth

Use insights from data, predictive analytics and visualization in your command centers to find new opportunities.

Manage Costs of Goods

Perform dynamically adjusted schedules with active/passive asset-tracking sensors to effectively manage assets.

Reduce Operating Costs

Use sensors to monitor assets for predictive maintenance needs to reduce waste, scrap and utility consumption.
Success Story

AI-Based Image Anomaly Detection

The client’s objective was to modernize and automate the existing manual processes. They brought Adastra in to find a way to compare images from the current runs with those from past successful runs of that recipe of foam and issue alerts if any deviations were found.

We used an image segmentation model to determine the position of the cream line, which is the defining line between the liquid pour and the solid expanded foam. Determining the optimal position of this line is key to ensuring production of a consistent and reliable foam.

2 – 5%

scrap reduction


savings per year 

6 weeks

PoC implementation

Solutions for Manufacturing

Quality Control

Improve the quality and efficiency of your manufacturing production to maximize profits.

Supply Chain

Optimize your supply chain by using operational data to reduce downtime.

Failure Prevention

Proactively detect operational issues in machinery to reduce costs and downtime of malfunctions.


Reduce costs and save time with digitized regulatory and inspection reporting.

“Adastra helped us take a broader perspective around our analytics platform. Their team of experts established and implemented a future-proof architecture that enables us to scale our Power BI platform across all Magna divisions globally.”

Stefan Tropper | Director, B2B & Solutions, Magna Global IT

Let’s Modernize Manufacturing Together