Azure OpenAI service by Adastra - hero image.

Azure OpenAI Service

Drive organizational efficiencies with Adastra and Azure OpenAI

Azure OpenAI service by Adastra - hero image.

An AI Partner You Can Trust

To stay competitive in a rapidly changing marketplace, many organizations are eager to accelerate processes and reduce time spent on tedious manual tasks.

While OpenAI is an excellent tool to achieve this, for optimal results, it needs to be combined with quality data, context training, security, and technical expertise.

Leverage Adastra’s 20+ years of experience transforming businesses with artificial intelligence and machine learning and the scalability of Microsoft’s global Azure infrastructure to unlock the full potential of generative AI.

Why Adopt Azure OpenAI Service?

Secured Mission Critical Workloads

Deployment on the Azure global infrastructure means that your production needs are met.

Supercharged ChatGPT

Azure OpenAI Service provides the flexibility to adapt the backend models that support ChatGPT with contextually relevant content.

Responsible AI Application

A custom content management system that ensures proper use.

Adastra’s Azure OpenAI Capabilities

Implement Azure OpenAI

Protect your organization’s internal and proprietary data from exposure to public consumption by deploying a private instance of ChatGPT within your Azure tenant.

Accelerate Your Path to Analytics

Enabling analytics from enterprise data usually requires significant effort. Through Adastra’s Intelligent Data Hub, powered by Azure Databricks and Azure OpenAI, launch Azure analytics 90% faster and with 80% less TCO.

Locate Relevant Data with Intelligent Search

Insights from unstructured data are difficult to achieve. Through Adastra’s Intelligent Search Platform, enable immediate insights and strategic value from unstructured data and improve insight generation by over 50%.

Increase Customer Satisfaction with Intelligent Bots

Traditional bot solutions are a high effort to implement and can create a frustrating user experience. Through Adastra’s Intelligent Bot Platform, improve user experience and bot success rates by more than 50%.

Simplify Content Creation and Management

Creation of customer-specific sales collateral is a high effort. Through Adastra’s Intelligent Content Creator, automate content creation using your CRM and product context, to improve opportunity outcomes and reduce manual content generation by 5x.

Innovate Securely. Implement Private Azure OpenAI.

By deploying OpenAI/ChatGPT, your organization has the opportunity to achieve innovative breakthroughs and gain a competitive edge.

To ensure that you can reap the benefits of ChatGPT while keeping your information safe and secure, it is essential to deploy a private instance.

This will allow you to experience the business outcomes of Private Azure OpenAI/ChatGPT and stay ahead of the competition.


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4x Faster Research by Leveraging Intelligent Search with Azure Machine Learning - square image.
Success Story

Leveraging Intelligent Search with Azure Machine Learning

Our client, a North American standards association, was expending time-consuming, manual effort to search for information for and create their standards documents. Learn how Adastra leveraged Azure intelligent search, resulting in:

  • A streamlined process for document creation
  • Reduced time and effort by automating manual processes
  • Consolidated research from multiple disparate systems
  • Simple information retrieval


quicker access to information


faster research process


errors due to duplicated research

Drive Impactful Business Value with Adastra and Azure OpenAI

Remove tedious processes and free up time for organizational innovation, while ensuring critical data stays protected.

Our Approach to Azure OpenAI Excellence

Choose the Right Use Cases

OpenAI does best when it is used for what it was intended. Adastra can help your organization assess what can and cannot be executed using the tool, and in what ways they can best be executed.

Secure Crucial Information

OpenAI presents new challenges that require a refreshed security strategy. Let Adastra help you protect your organization’s key assets with Azure OpenAI.

Leverage Quality Data

Improve accuracy, relevance and credibility with quality data and context training.

Eliminate Bias and Implement Ethical AI

Adastra’s ethical AI framework uses Human in the Loop (HIL) to create, validate and update AI models, reducing bias and ethical concerns.

Employ a Modern Data Architecture

Access the scalability, real-time processing, data integration, flexibility and agility to optimize OpenAI projects.

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