Mining and Natural Resources

Harness the power of data to make production faster, safer and more cost-effective.

Gaining an Edge with Data

The mining and natural resources industries are undergoing a massive transformation. Technologies such as AI and advanced analytics are helping organizations boost production, improve equipment performance, keep teams safe and seize opportunities. In today’s data-driven market, it’s hard to gain these benefits if you still rely on slow and error-prone manual processes.

Without a central data management system, you won’t have the complete view of your operations needed for effective planning. A lack of real-time data can also lead to equipment failures, high maintenance costs, idle resources and safety issues.

Transforming Mining and Natural Resources Operations

Break Down Silos

We provide a single source of data that encompasses all your operations to give you a 360° view of what’s happening in your organization.

Digitize Processes

We implement technology that will streamline your processes, boost efficiencies and automates repetitive tasks.

Enhance Your Data

Data drives your organization’s strategy. We help you take care of it by ensuring it’s always correct, complete and compliant.

Find the Best Tools

Adastra helps you choose the right technologies for your organization so you can better capture, ingest, curate and use your data.

Optimize Your Operations

Adastra’s advanced AI frameworks improve your planning while making your operations safer and more efficient.

Improved Planning

Predictive analytics provide data you can use to optimize every aspect of your operations—from asset performance to vehicle and workforce scheduling.

New Opportunities

Adastra’s geospatial planning tools provide insights that can help you use your existing resources more effectively, locate untapped areas and identify new opportunities

Accurate Forecasts

Advanced analytics help you improve the accuracy of your price, commodity and demand forecasting so you can make more profitable business decisions.

Safer Operations

GPS tracking and IoT sensors give you real-time data about how people use vehicles and equipment. These insights allow you to take proactive steps to enhance safety.
GoodLeaf's vertical farming powered by cloud data analytics - square image.
Success Story

Canadian Vertical Farm Boosts Production with Cloud Data Analytics

GoodLeaf Farms partnered with Adastra to introduce Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics and Microsoft Power Platform. These technologies help the farm leverage data to improve yield and quality while gaining increased visibility into its sustainable farming business.


more abundant crops


the genetic potential of seeds


and automate operations

Explore Mining and Natural Resources Solutions

Predictive Maintenance

Find and fix equipment problems before they cause costly downtime or become safety hazards.


Meet all your requirements and ensure ongoing compliance with enhanced reporting processes.

Industrial IoT

Get the most value from your IoT implementation and optimize your operations with robust analytics.

Enterprise Reporting

Ensure your reports deliver the timely and accurate information you need to guide your crucial business decisions.

Enhanced Decisions

Support your decision-making processes with AI-driven solutions and user-friendly dashboards.

Process Optimization

Make your operations more efficient and productive with a streamlined and digitally enhanced back office.

Supply Chain Insights

Leverage operational data to optimize your supply chain, reduce downtime and boost efficiencies across your organization.

Mining and Natural Resources FAQs

A well-architected cloud solution can scale to support your current and future data requirements.

Acquire this data as frequently as you can get it. But ensuring the signals you get are valid and consistent across different sensors is more important than frequency.

Besides procuring a camera, building a use case for a computer vision application doesn’t require more effort than a typical pilot.

“We’re engaged in pioneering efforts in the vertical farming industry and we’re working with Adastra and Microsoft Azure to help us succeed.”

Juanita Moore | Vice President of Corporate Development, GoodLeaf Farms

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