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Enjoy unlimited scalability and flexibility with a secure and durable cloud platform. We leverage GCP to create scalable cloud models that help enterprises fast-track digital transformation.

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Adastra is a recognized Google Cloud Professional Service and Sell Partner that empowers organizations to use the cloud to reduce risk and spend while fostering innovation and agility. We help businesses across the globe adopt a secure, powerful, and scalable cloud platform to reduce costs and maintenance overheads associated with running on-premise infrastructure.

Adopt a secure, powerful, and scalable cloud platform. Reduce costs and maintenance overheads associated with running your on-premises infrastructure by modernizing existing applications and workloads in GCP. Future-proof your success with high availability and agility to embrace a sustainable and agile application development experience.
Fuel the data-driven (r)evolution for your organization. Turn data into actionable business insights that foster innovation and ensure business continuity. Eliminate constraints of scale, performance, and cost with real-time data streams that help you make predictions with precision, solve business-critical problems, better serve your clients, and achieve your organizational goals.
Take the right optimization actions based on your goals to increase cloud usage, without increasing your bill. FinOps is a combination of systems, best practices, and culture to increase your organization’s ability to understand cloud costs and maximize cloud ROI. Make sure you effectively manage your cloud spend while maintaining velocity.
Embrace fast and reliable disaster recovery in case of an unexpected outage, while minimizing downtime and ensuring business continuity.

DevOps on GCP

Increase software delivery velocity, improve service reliability, and build shared ownership among software stakeholders. Optimize CI/CD pipelines in Google Cloud to accelerate time-to-market for new business applications. Shorten development lifecycles and reinvest the time saved.

Recent Recognitions


GCP Cost Optimization for Retail

“Adastra helped us optimize our cloud investments. They build a cost optimization services that drive cost insights beforehand and enable us to act accordingly. I am truly impressed by the mindset of their team members. They do not miss any chance to consult us on strategic platform enhancements which drives tremendous outcomes in the long run.”

IT Project Manager


faster deployment


reduced cost per query


incident management


Google Cloud Migration for Education Center

“We now have a modern cloud ecosystem that helps us do our job with easy and quality. It also impacted our students who already complete their tasks much faster thanks to the dedicated workspaces enabled by GCP. Great consultancy and attention to details by their team.

Thumbs up!”

General Education Director


faster infrastructure


increase in productivity


faster task reviews by teachers

27% Increase in Productivity with Google Cloud Migration - square image.

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