Cloud Migration Services

Seamlessly migrate to the cloud without disruptions to your operations.

Minimize Cloud Migration Complexity

Migrating to the cloud can help you achieve many benefits, such as improved business agility and lower operational costs.

But migration can be a daunting task—especially if you have a complex IT environment, must meet strict security requirements, can’t afford downtime and don’t have the internal staff to dedicate to the project.

Adastra streamlines cloud migrations by selecting architecture that meets your business needs, improves IT performance and ensures continuity throughout your transition.

As a premium partner to the three major cloud providers—Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP)—we are uniquely positioned to guide you on your cloud journey and help you find the right technology.

We leverage a full suite of tools to accelerate your transformation efforts and optimize cloud costs while keeping your organization secure and compliant.

Cloud Benefits

Ultimate Scalability

Optimize your IT costs by using only the resources you need. Automatically scale your infrastructure up or down as your needs evolve, often in real time.

Automated Updates

Eliminate stress about managing maintenance, patches and upgrades. Cloud providers take care of the maintenance, so you don’t have to.

Faster Disaster Recovery

Protect your data from sudden power failures, natural disasters or other crises by automatically backing up at a safe and secure location in the cloud.

Streamlined Governance

Use advanced out-of-the-box identity management, automated monitoring and Infrastructure as Code to streamline your governance processes.

Stronger Data Security

Maintain control of access to your data. Adastra can help you leverage advanced cloud tools to design and deploy custom security policies.

Seamless Integration

Integrate your critical business systems quickly and easily using pre-built connectors to speed and streamline the integration process.
Success Story

AWS Data Warehouse Modernization for AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca needed to implement a modernized platform that would create a single repository of trusted information, across their organization.

Adastra architected and implemented an enterprise Data Warehouse, leveraging Amazon Redshift to replace AstraZeneca’s on-premise Oracle and Business Objects solution, instilling a set of Governance best practices and accelerators to ensure trust and accuracy.


unique data quality issues have been resolved


reports and dashboards have been migrated


increase in reports accuracy

Cloud Migration Methodology

Our proven cloud migration framework delivers substantial IT cost savings, improved productivity, business agility and operational resilience.

Needs Assessment

Before we set off on a digital transformation journey, we need to know where you are headed and affirm your exact objectives and needs. We strive to ensure that your IT choices reflect your business goals in the most efficient way.

Discovery and Analysis

Once we know where we’re headed, we execute a comprehensive IT landscape inventory noting the scope of your IT assets including servers, applications, data, information flows, interdependencies and levels of stability.

We also analyze where your users are located and appraise your connectivity to ensure their applications work flawlessly in the cloud. Discovery and Analysis is a critical step. It’s essential to handle this phase in a detailed and systematic way, and your involvement is invaluable.

Architecture and Scope

A migration can be as quick as two weeks or take up to eight. This depends on the size and complexity of the job.

In this phase, we deliver the best cloud architecture for your particular needs with a focus on maximizing your solution’s ROI. We will also provide a project scope and preliminary sizing for a PoC as a part of this step.

Migration Planning

Transitions and migrations can be complex or messy. This is why our transition team reviews all the details and discusses how to best accommodate your needs throughout the transition.

We schedule each step of your physical transition in advance and pay special attention to questions like, “What is the best time for a particular migration?” and “How will the transition impact users?”


It’s time to build your servers, storage, disaster recovery and high availability in the cloud.

We typically install standard applications and environments first. Next, we provision your custom business applications, which are included in scope. Then, we create your user, group and system accounts. We have a dedicated team that handles the deployment and maintenance of information management applications (e.g., databases, data flows and analytics).

Testing and Training

Before going live, we test your applications in the cloud environment. We use automated and semi-automated tools to prove that your applications work exactly how you expect. Our testing methodologies do not focus exclusively on the correctness of all results. We pay special attention to non-functional requirements and metrics like performance efficiency, resource utilization, adaptability, fault tolerance, traceability and auditability.

We also offer custom training sessions for all stakeholders in your company.

Go Live

Congratulations! We’ve made it. Going live is a major step in your organization’s digital transformation, business continuity and operational resilience journeys.

Depending on the complexity of your migration, we can provide extra support throughout the process and for several days afterward.

Cloud Cost Optimization

Adastra will architect your cloud environment to minimize cloud costs while maximizing cloud computing workloads and efficiency. We tool your single or multi-cloud environments for optimal use, balancing performance and cost.

“The implementation of the AWS Cloud Analytics Platform powered complex insights into our business in an automated fashion. This eliminated the need of manual data manipulations and allowed all business users to focus on our main mission – offer high-quality, affordable healthcare and deliver integrated medical services with compassion and care.”

Chris Smith | VP Digital Health, Skylight Health Group

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As a premium partner to AWS, GCP and Azure, Adastra can help you modernize your IT environment and achieve your transformation goals.

Embrace a structured, holistic approach to cloud adoption to minimize risks and maximize your ROI.
Keep your data and business applications secure in the cloud.
Make your costs predictable and maximize the return on your cloud investments.
Keep your business running—no matter what happens.

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