Healthcare and Life Sciences

Improve patient experiences, deliver better outcomes and provide more efficient services.

Healthcare Needs Modern Data Infrastructure

Healthcare and life sciences organizations must modernize their data management to operate seamlessly and keep pace with changing demands.  But relying on dated or siloed technologies won’t give you the insights you need to boost efficiencies, deliver new experiences and provide patients with better outcomes.  Adastra can help you leverage the latest data management and analytics technologies to improve every aspect of your organization and patient journey.   

How We Transform Healthcare and Life Sciences

Delivering Insights

We can help your organization adopt the best digital strategies for engaging patients, partners and employees.


Adastra embraces an agile development approach to help you plan, adjust and innovate as technology evolves.

Improving Your CX

We can provide the tools you need to create tailored healthcare and life sciences solutions that improve patient outcomes.

Building Trust

Build patient trust through personalized experiences, integrity and the protection of sensitive data.

Optimize Your Healthcare Operations

Leverage Adastra’s AI frameworks to enhance the patient experience, streamline operations and lower healthcare delivery costs to maintain profitable margins.

Break Down Silos

Adastra centralizes all your data and patient records in a single platform that makes it easy to gain accurate, real-time insights into your operations.

Enable Self-Service

Create remote and virtual health solutions to serve patients better and give them on-demand access to their services, data and accounts.

Seize Opportunities

Unleash innovative business models, develop new revenue streams, and take a new approach to life science and healthcare risk management.

Save Time

Achieve time and cost savings by leveraging automation that optimizes repetitive administrative tasks and makes employees more productive.

Protect Your Data

With Adastra, you will gain peace of mind knowing that all your organization’s records and connected health systems are correct, compliant and secure.

Scale Quickly

Achieve sustainable growth with tools that help you manage massive volumes of data, regulatory requirements and competitive markets.
AWS Data Lake Implementation in Healthcare
Success Story

AWS Data Lake Implementation in Healthcare

Skylight Health Group is expanding and acquiring new clinics, along with all their data. The group needed to integrate numerous electronic medical records (EMR) systems and provide healthcare practitioners with predictive analytics.

Adastra built a data management solution that makes it easy for Skylight Health’s teams to add users and access real-time data—without more infrastructure.


increase in analytics productivity


more time on patients—not admin


and easier access to information

Healthcare and Life Sciences Solutions

Transform Processes

Digitally transform your operations to increase efficiency and reduce costs significantly.

Optimize Wait Times

Lower emergency room wait times and improve resource management with AI-based solutions.

Better Serve Patients

Give patients accessible, easy-to-use applications to access healthcare services and teams.

Fix Supply Chain Issues

Quickly find and fix supply chain inefficiencies to keep production flowing smoothly.

Enhance Compliance

Enable your employees to file accurate regulatory reports, promptly and with ease.

Avoid Data Loss

Mitigate the risk of breaches and protect sensitive data generated by connected devices.

Harness Technology

Create opportunities using the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) and connected devices.

Improve Reporting

Ensure your reports deliver accurate information that will guide every decision.

Make Smart Decisions

Use data to inform your decisions, boost efficiencies and outpace the competition.

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