Energy and Utilities

Ensure growth, boost efficiencies, and minimize equipment downtime with smart technologies and advanced predictive analytics.

Missed Opportunities in Energy and Utilities

The energy and utilities industries are changing rapidly. Digital technologies and advanced data analytics provide leadership teams with the insights needed to make production faster, safer and more cost-effective.

However, many companies face roadblocks that prevent them from using these insights. Massive volumes of incoming data are difficult to manage. Information often lives in disparate systems that don’t give teams a complete view of their operations. These roadblocks make it harder to improve infrastructure availability, cut costs and gain a competitive edge.

How We Transform Energy and Utilities

Break Down Silos

We provide a single source of data that encompasses all production lines to ensure you always have a 360° view of your operations.

Digitize Processes

Adastra optimizes, replicates and monitors your operations to help you boost efficiencies and increase production.

Enhance Your Data

Data drives your organization’s strategy. We help you take care of it by ensuring data is always correct, complete and compliant.

Find the Best Tools

Adastra helps you choose the right technologies for your organization so you can better capture, ingest, curate and leverage your data.

Optimize Energy and Utilities Operations

Leverage Adastra’s advanced AI frameworks to analyze data, create disruptive business models and automate repetitive tasks.

Improve Performance

Embrace digital technologies to radically improve grid performance and efficiencies while reducing your operational costs.

Automate Processes

Leverage intelligent automation based on IoT, RPA, AI, data processing and cloud utilization to improve plant and equipment efficiencies.

Enhance Your CX

Adopt new business models that provide customers with a higher level of service and give you a strong advantage over your competition.

Gain Customer Insights

Deploy effective segmentation and pricing strategies based on real-time data about customers’ habits, preferences and consumption.

Scale Quickly

Keep pace with changing market demands with tools that help you manage all your data, regulatory requirements and equipment.

Protect Your Data

Mitigate the risk of cyber-attacks while guaranteeing the confidentiality, availability and integrity of all your enterprise and customer data.
8x Faster Reporting with a DWH Solution in Azure Cloud
Success Story

8x Faster Reporting with a DWH Solution in Azure Cloud

A North American utility company wanted to dramatically reduce the time spent on collecting, curating and cleaning data to prepare it for reporting.

Adastra built a Data Warehouse solution in Azure Cloud that serves as a single source of truth and turns data into actionable insights.


faster regulatory reporting


cleaned and governed data


source of truth for all data 

Energy and Utilities Solutions

Predictive Maintenance

Find and fix equipment problems before they cause costly downtime and impact your operations.

Inventory Insights

Maintain the optimal amount of inventory so you can perform repairs quickly and minimize your storage needs.

Regulatory Reporting

Meet all your requirements and ensure ongoing compliance with enhanced reporting processes.

Industrial IoT

Get the most value from your IIoT implementation and optimize your operations with robust analytics.

Enterprise Reporting

Ensure your reports deliver the timely and accurate information you need to guide every decision.

Enhanced Decisions

Support your decision-making processes with AI-driven solutions and user-friendly dashboards.

Process Optimization

Make your operations more efficient and productive with a digitally enhanced back office.

Supply Chain Data

Leverage operational data to optimize your supply chain, reduce downtime and boost efficiencies.

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