Power Automate Consulting Services

Improve productivity, streamline repetitive tasks, and integrate with business applications through automated workflows.

Manual, repetitive tasks have always been a problem for organizations. These tasks take up large amounts of employees’ time that could have been allocated to other, more important tasks. In addition, manual execution of tasks is more prone to errors. Integration with business applications and their data has also been a notable problem for organizations, requiring them to build more complex workflows in order to process and share data.

Power Automate is a cloud-based, low-code solution for building automated workflows and streamlining business processes. It includes Robotic Process Automation (RPA), which allows for easy and fast automation of time-consuming processes through a record and playback approach. Power Automate utilizes connectors to design logic and integrate with various business and non-business applications. Workflows can be triggered through an event or PowerApps call or can be scheduled ahead of time or manually deployed.

Microsoft Power Automate Benefits

Streamline Everyday Tasks

Power Automate allows you to automate daily and weekly tasks that consumes a huge portion of your day. Automating these tasks allows you to complete them faster, and at the same time focus on the more critical and important aspects of the business. Automating tasks also help your business reduce mistakes that may be encountered when performing tasks manually, creating higher standards for your outputs.

Seamless Integration

With over 370 connectors available, Power Automate allows you to create automated workflows that can perform data processing, file synchronization, alerts and notifications, and more. The more common connectors include Office 365, Dynamics 365, OneDrive, SharePoint and GitHub. Aside from the built-in connectors, you also can create custom connectors through REST APIs.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Power Automate RPA allows you to integrate to systems, legacy and new, and create UI-based workflows. RPA helps you reduce repetitive tasks with its capability to record a set of actions performed by a user to complete a process and mimic it in an automated manner. Power Automate RPAs can either be attended or unattended.

Process Advisor

Power Automate offers the process advisor feature which helps organizations better understand their business processes, identifying pain points and opportunities for automation. Process advisor offers two powerful capabilities: Process mining and task mining. Read more in the FAQ section below.

Access Anywhere

Process owners need to stay on top of their processes and be ready to act in case issues come up. Power Automate helps you monitor your workflows anytime, anywhere in various ways, through a browser and a mobile app. Aside from monitoring, the mobile app also allows you to create and run workflows whenever you’re in the office, at home or on the road. The app is available in iOS, Android and Windows operating systems.

Empower Citizen Developers

Through its low-code platform, Power Automate empowers your employees – from business users to IT professionals – to build their own workflows through its drag and drop tools and built-in connectors. Templates are also available in Power Automate to help users get started.

What We Do with Microsoft Power Automate

Automated Flows

Trigger tasks automatically after executing an event.

Button Flows

Execute repetitive tasks via your mobile device.

Scheduled Flows

Run one or more automated tasks on a schedule.

Business Process Flows

Define a set of steps for employees to execute.

UI Flows

Record and automate the execution of manual steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

This capability helps you discover inefficiencies in your organization-wide processes by analyzing event data from various sources and mapping out parts of the process where there are automation and performance opportunities.

This capability focuses more on desktop tasks. Task mining allow you to collect data from detailed steps captured while performing a task and gain insights on how to streamline your process.

Power Automate has 2 audiences:

  • Business users who work closely with IT, enabling the business to take on responsibility for their own processes.
  • People in IT looking to turnover solutions to business users and empower them so that IT professionals can focus on more advanced and complex integration solutions.

Power Automate is a public cloud service but it can utilize the on-premises data gateway to connect to on-premises data securely.

Embrace Power Automate at Scale Now

Streamline repetitive tasks across your organization by digitizing business processes and embracing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to boost productivity and accuracy. With Microsoft’s Power Automate, Adastra will deliver automation at scale that will reduce manual effort, ensure security, and allow your team to focus on high-value tasks.