Make automotive production faster, safer and more efficient with world-class AI and data management solutions.

Using Technology for a Competitive Edge

The automotive industry faces many pressing challenges. Supply chain disruptions, labor shortages, declines in sales and increased regulations all make it harder to drive revenue. Industry 4.0 promised to ease some of these pains. However, automotive manufacturers often lack the resources to implement new technologies and use them to their fullest.

Without the proper strategies in place, it’s hard to gain the timely insights you need to cut costs, boost efficiencies and stay competitive.

How We Transform Automotive Operations

Break Down Silos

We provide a single source of data that encompasses all your production lines to give you a 360° view of your operations.

Digitize Processes

Our technology helps you streamline processes, improve equipment reliability, boost efficiencies and automate repetitive tasks.

Enhance Your Data

Data drives your business strategy. We help you take care of it by ensuring it’s always correct, complete and compliant.

Find the Best Tools

Adastra helps you choose the right technologies so you can better capture, curate and leverage data from across your operations.

Optimize Automotive Production

Leverage Adastra’s data analytics and AI solutions to gain deeper insights into your operations so you can boost efficiencies, cut costs and enhance productivity.

Build Products Faster

Harness the latest technologies to build new products and features quickly so you can go to the market faster, attract more customers and outpace the competition.

Rapid Translation

Remove language barriers that impact your decisions. Adastra enables global access to information with systems that automatically translate documents from 175 languages.

On-Demand Insights

Find important insights in minutes—not days. Adastra speeds your decision-making with real-time searchable databases, powerful BI reporting and automatic alerts of potential problems.

Anomaly Detection

Use AI to gain visibility into your production and supply chain to minimize delays or excessive scrap. Detect anomalies in your manufacturing processes before they lead to costly downtime.

Safety Improvements

Implement computer vision and video analytics to detect safety violations, automatically alert management of problems and protect employees from danger.

Better Asset Tracking

Collect real-time location and IoT data from your fleet to optimize routes, improve driver performance, use vehicles more effectively and lower your maintenance costs.
4x faster data processing with AWS cloud analytics platform - square image
Success Story

4x Faster Data Processing with AWS Cloud Analytics Platform

A leading automotive group wanted faster data processing, seamless remote access and enhanced reporting. It also needed to rapidly analyze car-generated data to improve its customer experience and achieve faster time-to-market for new features.

To achieve these results, Adastra migrated the manufacturer’s existing big data analytics platform to the cloud.


faster data processing


more data at lower costs


resource scalability

Success Story

Managed Services for Global Automotive Supplier’s Sales Database

Our client required a partner to help transform their global sales forecasting and analytics platform and provide multi-time zone management and support. They lacked capacity to scale to support diverse solution and time zone requirements.

Adastra delivered a reliable and stable platform that supports their dynamically-evolving reporting and analytics needs.


availability of cube and reports


second response time


service and support

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