AWS Cost Optimization and Management

Reduce spend, improve resource utilization, and maximize your return on cloud investments.

Controlling cloud spend can quickly become a challenge, particularly at enterprise scale. With rapidly changing cloud environments, complex pricing models, and unpredictable resource utilization, it is imperative for organizations to establish proactive and automated cost monitoring and management processes early in their cloud journey. Investing in cloud financial management best practices allows organizations to fully leverage the benefits of adopting the cloud while continuously optimizing cost along the journey to maximize return on investment.

AWS Cost Optimization Benefits

Adastra’s AWS cost optimization services help you reduce overall cloud expenses. We can assess your current AWS environment and identify opportunities for cost savings with an actionable plan through an OpEx optimization roadmap. Adastra will establish cloud financial management best practices, leveraging AWS tools such as AWS Cost Explorer, AWS Trusted Advisor, AWS Budgets, Amazon CloudTrail, as well as custom alerts to drive actionable insights and help you gain full transparency into monthly spend and ongoing optimization strategies.

Maximize Cloud ROI

Identify areas to reduce overall cloud cost without sacrificing performance or availability and leverage a tailored roadmap to maximize cloud return on investment (ROI).

Improve Cost Forecasting

Improve financial planning and budgeting with better forecasting and predicting future expenses.

Avoid Cloud Overspending

Optimize current workloads and eliminate idle resources. Run regular audits on your cloud infrastructure to identify opportunities for cost reduction.

Increase Service Flexibility

Scale your workloads independently by leveraging the full suite of AWS-native services.

AWS Cost Optimization Scope

As an Advanced Tier Service Partner, Adastra offers a range of reporting and cost-optimization tools to assist your organization in monitoring, reporting, analyzing, and optimizing AWS cloud expenses over time.

AWS Cost Explorer

Track patterns in AWS spending, project future expenses, detect areas requiring further investigation, monitor utilization of Reserved Instances, evaluate Reserved Instance coverage, and receive Reserved Instance suggestions.

AWS Trusted Advisor

Get instant notifications of potential optimization opportunities that allow you to proactively reduce costs and improve your overall AWS spending efficiency.

AWS Budgets

Set custom budgets that trigger alerts when costs or usage surpass or are configured to surpass a designated amount.

Amazon CloudWatch

Collect and track metrics, examine log files, trigger alerts, and respond automatically to changes in AWS resources for efficient and effective resource management.

AWS CloudTrail

Measure, constantly monitor, and securely store AWS cloud infrastructure activity at optimal cost to ensure optimal resource utilization and cost management.

Amazon S3 Analytics

Monitor, analyze, and visualize Amazon S3 storage patterns to help you make informed decisions on data transition to alternative storage classes.

AWS Cost Optimization Methodology

We conduct a free half-day workshop to better understand your current challenges related to cloud expenses and financial management and define business goals and objectives for AWS usage as it continuously evolves and expands.

Perform an in-depth analysis of your AWS environment and workloads and conduct a current-state assessment of your AWS cost management practices. We pinpoint workloads with optimization potential and identify AWS services that can maximize ROI for your business use cases.

Identify cloud cost optimization strategies and develop a planning process that prevents overconsumption of resources. Adastra will recommends improvements in cost management tools and processes to optimize resource allocation, budgeting, monitoring, and forecasting of future costs. Build an OpEx optimization roadmap with targeted strategies and timelines for implementation.

Execute on the OpEx optimization roadmap by implementing cloud cost optimization strategies that drive immediate cost savings and maximize cloud ROI. Establish standardized processes, resource structuring and tagging, as well as monitoring dashboards and alerts to ensure ongoing AWS cost optimization.

Train and enable your team to apply best practices in cloud cost management on a regular basis to prevent overspending in the future, by leveraging AWS tools such as AWS Cost Explorer, AWS Budgets, and Amazon CloudWatch.

Optimize AWS Cloud Expenses Now

Adastra’s AWS cost optimization framework helps you reduce your cloud expenses. We help you build an operating expenses (OpEx) optimization roadmap with targeted optimization strategies and timelines for implementation as well as more flexible and sustainable infrastructure by implementing cloud best practices.