Azure Synapse Analytics

Accelerate time to insights across data warehouses and big data systems using an enterprise analytics service.

As businesses grow, they generate massive amounts of data every day. They may feel overwhelmed by the needs for bigger storage, faster processing, quicker insights, lower costs, higher security, and increasing regulations. Enterprises need to scale and modernize their data architecture and infrastructure to stay competitive and respond to the business and customer demands. They need to embrace the digital transformation journey with a modern data platform that can remove the feeling of being lost in the technology puzzle.

Why Embrace Azure Synapse Analytics?

Azure Synapse Analytics is a limitless end-to-end analytics service built on the Azure cloud that combines data integration, enterprise data warehousing, big data analytics, visualizations, governance, and collaboration. With its SQL, Spark, and Data Explorer runtimes, it provides unique unified experience to ingest, explore, prepare, transform, manage, and serve data at scale for business intelligence or machine learning needs.

Integrated Analytics Platform

Azure Synapse provides a single integrated platform that combines data integration, warehousing, processing, and visualization capabilities, eliminating the need for multiple tools and systems to perform these tasks. This provides a seamless end-to-end experience for data management and analytics.

Scalability, Performance, Cost

Azure Synapse is built on top of the Azure cloud platform, which provides the scalability and performance required to handle large volumes of data and support high-performance analytics. This allows organizations to handle growing data volumes, support business growth, and reduce costs.

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Support

Designed to work seamlessly with both Azure and non-Azure data sources, Azure Synapse is a suitable solution for hybrid and multi-cloud scenarios. This provides organizations with the flexibility to choose the best infrastructure for their needs, while still benefiting from an integrated analytics platform.

AI and Machine Learning

Azure Synapse provides built-in support for AI and machine learning, which allows organizations to gain insights and make data-driven decisions in a fast and reliable fashion. This includes the ability to perform real-time and batch data processing and to access a wide range of analytics and visualization tools.

Data Visualization

Azure Synapse integrates fully with Power BI to provide interactive dashboards and reports, real-time data visualization, and ad-hoc data exploration. It also supports custom visualization using a variety of programming languages and tools, including R, Python, and JavaScript.

Governance and Security

Azure Synapse provides built-in governance and security features, such as in rest and in transit data encryption, data masking, access control, and auditing, which help organizations to comply with regulatory requirements and ensure data security and privacy. This reduces risk and increases trust in the data being used for analytics and decision-making.

Collaboration and Productivity

Azure Synapse provides a collaborative environment for data teams to work together on a single platform, which helps to improve collaboration and productivity. This includes features such as shared workspaces, comments, and versioning, which enable teams to work together more effectively.

Open and Extensible

Azure Synapse is built on open-source technologies, such as Apache Spark and Apache Kafka, and supports a wide range of programming languages and tools. This allows organizations to extend the platform to meet specific needs and enables developers to leverage existing skills and tools.

Embrace Azure Synapse Craftsmanship

Adastra can help you plan and efficiently migrate your data to the Azure cloud. As an Advanced Microsoft Partner, you can tap into our vast expertise and rely on us to help guide the way for your organization to create a secure, cost-efficient, single shared repository of your data on the cloud.


Discover your current solution landscape, define future state goals, and perform a gap analysis. Define future architecture, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and create an iterative roadmap.

Azure Synapse Modernization

Implement centralized data-as-a-service (DaaS) or data mesh using Adastra’s framework for fully integrated pipelines/SQL/Spark on Azure Synapse Analytics.

Azure Lakehouse Modernization

Implement centralized DaaS or data mesh using Adastra’s framework for bronze, silver, and gold data lake zones managed by Azure Synapse Analytics.

Data Warehouse Migration

Unleash new cloud analytics capabilities by migrating your on-premises data warehouse to Azure Synapse Analytics leveraging Adastra’s accelerated migration program.

Experience Azure Synapse Analytics Mastery at Scale

Discover current state infrastructure, challenges, and future state goals. With prioritized business requirements and processes, a high-level implementation design is defined, with sprint planning and a training program.

Establish a landing zone that accounts for scale, network, security, governance, identity, and other technology solutions and integrations. Implement basic elements of business functionality to prove capability. Validate technology choices.

Gather detailed requirements to create a detailed solution design and plan the current sprint. Implement user stories and develop the solution accordingly. Perform unit, system, integration, and user acceptance testing (UAT). Create training materials and assets.

Create and execute release management and deployment plans. Validate skill and service readiness and deliver trainings. Provide warranty and on-going support services to fix defects and performance issues. Evaluate the solution and the needs of other application support services.

40% Lower TCO with a Modern Data Analytics Platform in Azure Cloud - square.
Success Story

Modern Data Analytics Platform in the Azure Cloud

Our client wanted to modernize their CRM and website, as well as to enable self-service BI and predictive analytics for business users across the organization by facilitating artificial intelligence capabilities.

Adastra built a modern analytics platform in the Azure cloud, allowing our client to have a single source of truth for their data while enabling end users to consume real-time analytics.


reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


faster solution development using Azure Synapse Analytics


cleaned data

Frequently Asked Questions

To effectively serve modern analytics, both data lake Spark engines for advanced analytics and SQL / data warehouse engines for structured analytics are required. 

Adastra recommends Azure Synapse Analytics as the analytics foundation to seamlessly integrate both engines to deliver a unified modern analytics platform. 

 Is my data secure on the Azure cloud? The Microsoft Azure cloud provides you with multiple levels of security between the user and the analytics data at no additional cost. 

Data protection 

  • Data in transit 
  • Data encryption at rest 

Access control 

  • Object-level security (tables/views)  
  • Row-level security 
  • Column-level security 
  • Dynamic data masking 


  • SQL login 
  • Azure Active Directory 
  • Multi-factor authentication 

Network security 

  • VNet 
  • Firewall 

Threat protection 

  • Threat detection 
  • Auditing 

Azure Synapse simplifies data exploration, regardless of its location. Whether querying the lake with T-SQL or analyzing structured data with Apache Spark’s big data processing power, the platform offers flexible access aligned with different user roles.  

Data engineers 

Streamline the process of managing various data types from multiple sources, such as streaming, transactional, and business data. Utilize a code-free visual interface to effortlessly connect to data sources and ingest, transform, and store data in the data lake. 

Data scientists 

Create a proof of concept within minutes and quickly build or modify end-to-end solutions. Allocate resources on an as-needed basis or dynamically query existing resources across vast amounts of data. Use your preferred language, whether it’s T-SQL, Python, Scala, .Net, or Spark SQL. 

Business analysts 

Azure Synapse allows data professionals to access and generate datasets through Power BI and Analysis Services for on-demand and exploratory analysis. 

Business users 

Access datasets securely and use Power BI to build and consume dashboards available within Azure Synapse. Share data within and outside your organization through Azure Data Share. 

Let’s migrate your data to the Azure cloud