Modern Data Warehousing

Leverage real-time, accurate data to gain a competitive advantage.

Data Roadblocks Impact Your Decisions

You rely on data to make informed and profitable decisions. But it can be hard to find timely, critical insights if you don’t have the right data management systems in place.

Data warehouse infrastructure is costly to set up, maintain and secure. It also becomes outdated and more complex over time—making it prone to failures and security threats.

An on-premises data warehouse can’t meet today’s data storage and analysis needs.

Streamline Your Data Management

Adastra can provide you with a modern data warehouse that meets your current and future business needs. Our cloud-based solutions offer cost-effective data storage and can scale on demand as your requirements change.

With Adastra, you can consolidate all your structured and unstructured data into a single repository, so teams have on-demand access to timely, accurate and secure data.

We have partnerships with the key data warehouse providers—including Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Snowflake—and can custom-tailor a solution that meets your needs.

Why Modern Data Warehousing?

Improve Data Quality

Base your critical decisions on 100% clean and governed data—not on siloed, inaccurate information.

Get Rapid Insights

Since data in a cloud warehouse is cleansed automatically, it can be processed in real-time to gain immediate business insights.

Scale Quickly

A cloud data warehouse can scale up or down on demand and seamlessly handle peaks in activity.

Stay Secure

Our modern data warehouses have full access and security controls that protect your data and keep it compliant.

Ensure Continuity

We store your data in multiple places, so it’s available at all times—even during failures and other emergencies.

Cut Costs

A pay-as-you-go cloud models lets you avoid the high costs of IT maintenance while storing massive amounts of data.
Success Story

40% Lower TCO with a Modern Data Analytics Platform in Azure Cloud

A nonprofit wanted to empower its business users with self-service BI and predictive analytics.

Adastra built a modern analytics platform in Azure Cloud to give users a single source of truth and real-time analytics that inform their decisions.


faster solution development


lower total cost of ownership


cleaned data

40% Lower TCO with a Modern Data Analytics Platform in Azure Cloud - square.

How We Help You Transform

Adastra offers end-to-end data warehouse solutions that empower users with real-time, accurate data.

Strategy Consulting

Adastra guides you through every step of your data transformation journey—from design through implementation. We’ll also recommend the platform, architecture and data model that will optimize your performance and costs.

Data Modeling

Our data modeling and warehousing solutions are specifically designed for real-time and advanced data analytics. They can read large amounts of your data and help you understand relationships and trends across your organization.


Identify, analyze and offload data from a traditional warehouse to the cloud. During this process, we will assess your current landscape and build a roadmap that helps you achieve your data transformation goals.

Ongoing Support

We don’t leave you on your own after an implementation. Our experts stay by your side and take care of your data warehouse—ensuring it is responsive, resilient, highly available and secure. We also guarantee on-time resolution for any incident.

“Our company relies on Adastra’s expertise as a top AWS Data and Analytics Consulting partner. Implementing the AWS Cloud Analytics Platform powered complex insights into our business in an automated fashion.”

VP Digital Health | Skylight Health Group

Explore Our Data Engineering Solutions

For more than 20 years, Adastra has helped organizations accelerate innovation, improve operational efficiencies and create unforgettable customer experiences—all with the power of data.

Build a strong foundation for digital transformation by ensuring your data is always accurate and available.
Consolidate all your data in a single repository to gain fast access to insights and enhance compliance.
Seamlessly replicate data between systems—without downtime and disruptions to users.
Unlock the full potential of your data with our tool-based approach to data integration customized to your needs.

Modern Data Warehousing FAQ

Both are storage solutions that pull data from multiple sources. Data lakes hold structured and unstructured raw data, while warehouses hold information that has already been cleansed and processed into a structured format.

Data lakes are ideal for data science use cases and insight exploration. Data warehouses are best suited for BI, analytics and determining answers to specific business questions.

Adastra offers comprehensive BI solutions. Our team of BI experts can help you define your business problems, build a data quality strategy and ask the right questions when you run an analysis. We also provide training for change management and data democratization.

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