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Get to know your performance metrics with Power BI – with any data, at any time, on any device.

As a recognized leader in data management and business intelligence, Adastra successfully combines the best practices of classical, modern, and innovative BI solutions. By choosing Adastra as your Power BI partner, you also access our full spectrum of information management expertise to solve any data challenges your organization encounters.

Regardless of the nature of your data, your organization can benefit from scalable Power BI solutions which provide timely, accurate and user-friendly insights for accurate decision-making,

Why Adopt Microsoft Power BI Solutions?

Combine data

Merge your data from internal and external (various heterogeneous) sources.

Transform, model, and visualize

Use Power BI as a single-stop shop to integrate and visualize your data, as well as build semantic layers for business users.

Integrate natively

Complement Power BI capabilities with your existing Microsoft Cloud and on-premises solutions, such as SQL Server, Excel, Power Platform, Azure, and Dynamics 365.

Secure data

Apply row-level security to restrict data access for given users by classifying sensitive information. Take advantage of data loss prevention capabilities to keep your data secure and compliant.

Facilitate self-service

Adastra’s solution enables end users to conduct analysis ad hoc and share it across the organization.

Interactive UX

Create highly customized and stunning reports using a wide range of interactive visuals and new, superior UX.

Easy onboarding

Educate and guide business users to analyze, present and distribute insights within, or outside the organization.

Reduce delivery time

By providing rapid development we contribute to fast and timely decision-making.

Your Power BI Partner

By choosing Adastra as your Power Bi partner you also get the full spectrum of Information Management expertise to solve any data challenges your organization encounters.

Regardless of the nature of your data, you can benefit from scalable Power BI solutions which provide timely and adequate insights for accurate decision making. All of it is wrapped in a stunning and user-friendly solution design.

Power BI Report

RPA Monitoring Showcase

Your dashboard will start with an overview page displaying the overall statistics for all bots running in the organization as well as two ranking visuals for the top five lowest performing bots and tasks. With the help of cross-filtering, you can click on any of the low-performing bots or tasks and see information on each run: how many were successful vs. unsuccessful, and the average execution time and success rate.

The Bots Overview and Tasks Overview pages are also available for a deeper dive.

Power BI Success Stories

Methodology of Building Power BI Solutions 

  • Define business needs
  • Gather requirements from stake holders
  • Understand existing architecture
  • Build a proof of concept (POC)
  • Design the architectural environment and infrastructure
  • Define KPIs and report criteria
  • Present implementation roadmap
  • Gather/form/cast the Team
  • Prepare and cleanse data
  • Build semantic layers
  • Report design
  • QA testing
  • UAT testing
  • Finetuning
  • Go-live
  • Educate stakeholders
  • Handle change resistance
  • Warranty
  • Rely on a long-term maintenance and support.
Power BI Resources

Data-driven Decision-making

Microsoft’s Power BI enables users to easily connect their data to create insights that inform data-driven decision-making. By leveraging customized visualizations and dashboards users can create valuable interactive reports for end technical or business users. Making sense of your organization’s data has never been easier.

Power BI Resources

Connecting Data Sources

Power BI Desktop allows users to connect to various data sources, transform data to best fit business requirements and build interactive reports. Save your visualizations locally or publish them on Power BI.

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