Reference Data Management Solutions

Ensure data consistency across your organization and give users context behind every decision.

Reference Data Management Impacts Your Operations  

Adastra’s Reference Data Management solutions (RDM) help you maintain accurate, consistent and standard reference data across your organization. Individuals and business units no longer need to use their own data and sources, which can lead to conflicting conclusions. Adastra’s Reference Data Management solution aligns everyone’s processes for creating, maintaining and using information. With consistent and shared data, teams can improve their decision-making to achieve the business’ goals.

Reference Data Management Benefits 

Reduce Risk 

Standardizing your processes makes it easier to trace your data and maintain a 360° view of your organization.

Go to Market Faster

Improving your reference data quality can help shorten the time for launching new products and services.

Achieve Cost Savings

Reduce your operational and IT costs by minimizing your reliance on time-consuming manual processes. 

Improve Compliance

Gaining access to accurate reference data will help you stay compliant and avoid regulatory fines.

Trust Your Data

Reference data management gives you the context needed to improve your reporting and decision-making.
360-Degree Customer View with an MDM Solution - square
Success Story

360-Degree Customer View with an MDM Solution

The client wanted to provide better customer experience during customer calls. They needed a consolidation of all their systems to achieve a 360-degree customer view, which would increase productivity and improve customer support.

A Master Data Management (MDM) Hub was created in order to collect data from multiple source systems and create golden records. MDM Web User Interface (UI) and Exception management Web UI were configured for data governance purposes.


degree customer/vendor view


faster client identification


faster client identification

Best Practices for Reference Data Management

Our wealth of experience in designing and implementing reference data management strategies leads to these best practices:

Establish a single, centralized point of data entry with collaborative management.

Manage relationships and hierarchies, mapping reference data across systems.

Set permission-based security and audit capabilities with user activity tracking.

Build configurable workflows with rules to manage standardization, deduplication and exceptions.

Synchronize data to upstream and downstream applications.

Automate notification processes to keep stakeholders informed and engaged.

“I continue to be impressed with Adastra’s capabilities, especially the clear connection between strategy and the ability to execute, particularly in the realm of data. I look forward to continuing to partner with Adastra.”

Jamie Rodgers | VP and Chief Data Officer, Empire Life

Explore More Data Governance Solutions

Adastra has a wealth of knowledge and experience in implementing data governance strategies. We leverage our expertise to provide leadership and guidance, bringing your data to life.

Ensure data across all your systems is trusted, accessible and understood.
With Adastra, you can continuously monitor your data and improve its quality. You’ll also enable data-dependent applications to deliver the accurate insights needed to inform your decisions.
Maintain accurate, consistent and standard reference data across your organization. Standard and governed processes allow you to trace data and maintain a 360° view of your operations.
With Adastra’s Metadata Management Services, you can easily track data as it moves across your organization. Gaining fast access to this information can improve your decision-making and compliance.
Bring order to vast amounts of data. Adastra will help you divide large amounts of information into manageable units or data domains that are easy for teams to analyze independently.
Minimize the risk of data quality deterioration by tracking information as it moves across systems and maintaining detailed information about its targets, transformations, mappings and transitions.

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