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Create loyal customers through personalized experiences and data-driven operations.

Your Customers Expect More

Customers are no longer satisfied simply by purchasing a product. Retailers gain trust with a personalized and secure digital experience that is seamless regardless of whether they are online, on the phone, or at a store. To remain competitive, retailers must build intelligent, omni-channel and data driven operations through digital acceleration.

Through digital acceleration, retailers reduce silos and can more effectively meet customer demands and manage the supply chain while responding to unexpected industry disrupters. By getting data insights that provide a detailed view of customer behaviors, retailers can engage customers to not only feel a part of the processes but take active ownership.

How We Transform Retail Organizations


Leverage your data to create unique customer journeys, tailored to their buying history and preferences.


We help you put data to the forefront of your strategy, empowering both your customers and your employees.

Data Stewardship

Drive strategy by taking care of data to make sure it’s correct, complete and always reliable.


Partner with us to select the best technologies to capture, ingest, curate and use data.

Exceed Customer Expectations

Enable a scalable approach through digital enablement to build trust and long-term relationships with new retail capabilities and innovative solutions.

Grow Revenue

Create a profitable and digital omni-channel experience fueled by new revenue strategies that drive different business models.

Increase Productivity

Adopt interoperable solutions for fulfillment, warehouse, procurement and blended in-store digital inventory systems powered by AI.

Improve Efficiency

Track products in the supply chain with tracking technologies with less human or machine intervention, providing transparency.

Smarter Decisions

Track products efficiently in the supply chain with far less human or machine intervention, providing more granular comprehension of product movement.

Add Value

Implement profitable complex solutions with customer-driven personalization tools and competitive product customization options.

Gain Trust

Build long-term customer relations by implementing strong data security and privacy models and adhere to the latest regulatory requirements.
Success Story

BI Platform and GCP Cost Optimization for Retail

Our client wanted to replace an existing data platform with a collaborative BI solution that helps drive insights, make smarter decisions, and deliver measurably better results.

Adastra implemented an easy to navigate intelligent platform that enables both CPG suppliers and Category Management to make informed decisions facilitated by data analysis and interpretation.


faster deployment


reduced cost per query


incident management

Solutions for Retail Organization


Deploy consistent experiences across all interactions by interlinking online and offline channels.

Customer Loyalty

Maximize retention with tailored solutions, including loyalty apps and social mining.

Customer Experience

Deliver personalized buying customer journeys using unique offers and chatbots.

Loss Prevention

Identify areas of loss in your supply chain, such as employee theft, fraud and clerical errors.

Efficient Back-Office

Find efficiencies and cost savings with automated and digitized processes.

Enterprise Reporting

Employ proactive reporting to help steer the strategy of your enterprise.


Protect customer information by detecting malicious attacks early on.


Safeguard the value of your retail mergers and acquisitions with a robust IT strategy.

“Adastra helped us optimize our cloud investments. They build cost optimization services that drive cost insights beforehand and enable us to act accordingly. I am truly impressed by the mindset of their team members. They do not miss any chance to consult us on strategic platform enhancements which drives tremendous outcomes in the long run.”

Senior Technical Project Manager | Large retail company in North America

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