AWS Managed Services

Engage with an AWS Managed Service Provider to achieve operational excellence. Adastra implements a cloud-first approach to effectively operate, secure, and maintain your AWS cloud workloads.

The number of organizations adopting cloud architecture is ever-increasing. While the cloud brings tremendous business benefits, if not managed properly, it can also result in inefficiencies and cost overruns. Organizations often lack the capacity and expertise to keep up with the speed of evolution of cloud technologies, cybersecurity threats, and regulatory compliance standards. Maintaining and developing in-house technology teams, knowledge upkeep and attrition management cannibalizes your budget.

Leading organizations turn to Managed Services Providers (MSP) to ensure that their complex modern data estate is responsive and resilient, while maintaining highly-available infrastructure and continuous business operations.

Engaging with a trusted AWS Managed Service Provider takes away the burden of IT workloads allowing your organization to concentrate on core operations and business innovation. It helps keep IT environments secure and running, even in case of disasters and other unexpected disruptions. Adastra leverages cloud-native AWS services to optimize your cloud spend and provide effective change and incident management, promoting expansion and business growth.

Why Embrace AWS Managed Services?

Secure Business

Mitigate risks of security breaches and data loss by leveraging AWS best practices and cloud-native technology and frameworks that provide superior preventative and detection capability.

Boost Innovation

Focus on core business and innovation strategy to gain a sustainable competitive edge, while Adastra provides cloud services and support according to strict service-level agreements (SLA).

Onboard Top Talent

Utilize the deep technical knowledge and precious industry expertise of our AWS cloud engineers.

Scale Fast

Embrace service and support capacity levels that help adapt to your fluctuating business cycles and maintain steady, predictable performance at an optimal cost.

Automate Workflows

Automate business workflows by leveraging ready-to-use frameworks that reduce thousands of repetitive tasks and operational overhead.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Ease the costs of maintaining staff and skill levels to effectively meet demands of the ever-evolving cloud landscape.

Cost Management

Optimize the cost of your AWS estate through native services from budget alerting to best practice tagging policies.

Effective Monitoring

Implement effective, automated monitoring frameworks for critical business processes and assets.

Seamless and Effective AWS Managed Services

Leveraging native AWS and 3rd party services, we offer guidance and execution of operational best practices with specialized automations, skills, and experience best suited to support your environment and applications. Adastra’s Managed Services model provides proactive, preventative, and detection capabilities that raise the operational bar and help reduce risk without constraining agility, allowing you to focus on innovation. We extend your team with operational capabilities including monitoring, incident management, patching, backup & DR, cost optimization, and maintaining a strong security posture.

Our cloud-first focus and over two decades of global data management expertise positions us to effectively operate, secure, and maintain your cloud environments and workloads. We fulfill the following key service needs:


Utilize our guided discovery phase with accelerators to obtain an understanding of your support needs, scope, objectives, budget, and timelines.

Service Design

Map our SLAs to your organization’s specific needs and desired outcomes. Define service scope, objectives and timelines.

Service Transitioning and Onboarding

A formal, structured, one-time process to effectively transition service scope to Adastra is completed. Primary milestones include:

  • Establish a service transition plan and manage the process throughout.
  • Assess operational readiness of in-scope environment, a structured tool-driven evaluation.
  • Knowledge transfer and staff and customer onboarding.
  • Establish an accountability matrix using the RASIC model.

Service Management

Fulfill all service management and reporting commitments in accordance with service scope. Examples include:

  • Monthly and quarterly business reviews. A focus on SLAs and key service management metrics, root cause analysis and remediations, and operational highlights.
  • Vendor Governance and Compliance commitments, e.g., external audits, business continuity and Disaster Recovery (DR) exercises, incident response exercises.
  • Continual service improvement: past accomplishments, and future objectives.

Your Data is Secure with Us

Information security is always a top priority. We protect your information by having in place proper safeguards in terms of processes, tools, and reliable infrastructure.

ISO 27001




Adastra’s Service-Level Agreements

Silver: for environments demanding less-strict SLAs
Gold: enhanced SLAs for priority platforms and systems
Diamond: premium SLAs for business-critical platforms and systems

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