Win market share with digital solutions that put your customers first.

Your Insurance Customers Expect More

The future of insurance requires complete and accurate data, automated processes and a digitized experience that puts your customers first. Technologies such as the cloud and AI allow you to innovate, launch services quickly and give customers greater choice in how they do business with you. For example, optimizing your mobile insurance services can help you attract and retain customers who prefer the convenience of digital channels.

New technology can also help you boost internal efficiencies, decrease claims processing times and protect your data from emerging cyber threats. But to achieve the best results, you need a partner who will guide you every step of the way.

Optimize Your Insurance Operations

Leverage Adastra’s advanced AI frameworks to analyze data, deliver personalized customer experiences and automate repetitive claims processing tasks

Harness Your Data

The insights you gain from accurate, real-time data can help you improve operational efficiencies, enhance your customer experience and outpace the competition.

Prevent Cyber Attacks

Enhance your data security and achieve the optimal balance between improving the customer experience through digital transactions and introducing new risks, such as data loss.

Improve CX

Attract and retain more customers with mobile insurance that supports smartphone transactions, claims automation, self-service options and improved support.

Adapt for the Future

Get ready for a connected world where motor risks include self-driving cars. Capture and analyze telematics-based insurance data to win customers while understanding future risks.

Scale On-Demand

Meet new market and customer demands quickly with tools that help you manage massive volumes of data, regulatory requirements and competitive markets.

Attract New Partners

Open the door for new distribution channels and revenue streams. Then, cement brand loyalty by augmenting the insurance services that your brokers and providers deliver.
Success Story

Paperless Insurance Application for MetLife

MetLife, a global insurance provider, was using paper-based application forms for their customer onboarding process. This old-fashioned paper process was manual, error-prone, and time-consuming, and it took several weeks for applications to get approved.

Adastra worked with MetLife to build a solution that would streamline the application procedure, significantly decrease the need for manual verifications, and reduce processing delays.


reduction in paper use


applications completed and processed


faster application processing

Insurance Solutions


Automate your underwriting processes to deliver personalized and streamlined coverage.

Claims Management

Streamline and automate your claims processes to ensure accurate, timely payouts to customers.

Customer Experience

Enhance loyalty by delivering seamless and personalized experiences to policyholders across all your channels.

Regulatory Reporting

Keep pace with the latest regulatory developments to ensure timely compliance and accurate reporting.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Safeguard the value of your insurance merger and acquisition with a robust IT strategy and integration.

Enterprise Reporting

Ensure your reports deliver the timely and accurate information you need to guide every decision.

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