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Transform your financial service company with integration and data management solutions tailored to financial services.

The Financial Industry is Evolving

Financial data is becoming more complex, security threats are everywhere, and customers expect more digital and mobile-first experiences. To keep up, banks and fintechs need to modernize their data strategy and rethink how they use cloud technology to secure data and deliver services.

Having a sound strategy and data architecture acts as a foundation for robust data management, better compliance reporting, and greater visibility into data throughout the organization. It takes expertise in digital transformation and technologies, with a deep understanding of financial data, to design systems that can deliver robust insights and uncover opportunities to reach more customers.

How We Transform Financial Institutions

Break Down Silos

Get a single view of your data across all lines of business, ensuring information is always correct, complete and accessible.

Deliver Insights

Put data at the forefront of your business strategy, empowering your employees and your customers with AI-driven insights.

Personalize Experiences

Leverage your data to create unique customer experiences, tailored to client needs and preferences.

Build for Compliance

Create a strong data environment that allows for more complete compliance reporting, audits, and fraud prevention.

Do More with Your Data

Embrace an agile development approach and mindset with data management and integration solutions that help you plan and adjust as technologies evolve.

Become Data-Driven

Raise awareness throughout your business of the potential for data-centric decisions and enhanced services through mobile technologies.

Stand Out 

Offer value-added benefits and unique offerings that enhance the customer experience, bolster retention and attract new prospects.

Drive New Growth

Create premium services and other new revenue streams by uncovering opportunities from customer and market data.

Build Loyalty

Move beyond transactional business and build customer loyalty by offering more engaging, customized and timely offers.

Gain Consumer Trust

Raise awareness of the technology advancements your company uses to ensure customers privacy is protected and their financial data is secured.

Future-Proof Business

Get ahead of the curve, taking advantage of the transformation in communications, sensing and advancements in the cloud sector.
Success Story

Managed Services for Card Analytics Solution

Our client, a mid-sized Canadian non-banking credit card issuer, was looking for a card analytics system that not only fulfilled all their business analytics needs but was also cost-effective. Adastra’s Card Analytics Solution is built on our financial services data model hosted on Microsoft Azure.

The solution has proven to be instrumental in meeting the client’s needs and is fully PCI compliant. Our solution encompassed modern data warehouse concepts, including historical analysis capabilities, so the client could look at trends emerging or changing over long periods of time.


Cost Savings


Uptime and highly available environment


Service, support, and incident management 

Solutions for Financial Services

Modernize Payments

Transforming payment systems to allow for fast, flexible and secure transactions.

Fraud Prevention

Advanced AI-powered solutions to detect and prevent fraudulent and possible anti-money laundering activity.

Open Banking

Augment your offerings, improve customer engagement and create new channels for digital revenue with open banking.


Ensure end-to-end compliance and the ability to keep up with changing regulations including Basel IV reforms.

“As an outcome of this partnership, we have built a single source of truth for all the data we process. We leverage our data more intensively and gain actionable business insights with speed and quality. We now have a new dedicated process for ETL which helps us integrate data from disparate sources, shorten time to insights, and eventually power a data-driven journey that we all have imagined. We became fully compliant with government regulations and streamlined collaboration and effectiveness on reporting across departments.”

Solution Architect | Canadian Financial Services Company 

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