Modernize Your Existing Applications

Extend the life of existing applications and keep up with changing business needs.

Scale with Your Business Needs

Technology and business processes are advancing quickly, and outdated, monolithic application architectures make it difficult to keep up with fast-paced changes in business needs.

On-premises systems also require costly capital expenditure on upgrades and licensing renewals, along with time and energy for maintenance and manual deployments. Innovation is a necessity for organizations to optimize their application architecture, processes and technology.

However, many have invested significant time, money and resources into their existing solutions and may not want to start from scratch by building something new.

Adastra helps your organization modernize existing on-premises applications, leveraging current technology to improve performance, user experiences and reduce costs – without having to build new applications.

Our modular approach to application modernization breaks up complex applications into smaller sections, allowing for greater flexibility, scalability, faster deployment cycles, reduced downtime and smaller scopes for testing.

The Benefits of Application Modernization

Swift Deployment

Gain faster time-to-market by utilizing flexible and speedy deployment cycles.

Modular Scalability

Structuring applications as microservices simplifies independent scaling to meet user needs.


Reduce capital expenditure by eliminating on-premises infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Business Agility

Leverage the ability to adjust to changes quickly and keep up with your business’ evolving needs.

Increased Security

Quickly identify and address security breaches with a modular architecture and security vulnerability scans.

Automatic CI/CD

Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) ensure code changes are delivered frequently and automatically.

Improved Experiences

Take advantage of current technology to improve the experience for application users and reduce downtime.

Simple Maintenance

Easily troubleshoot and debug code with fault isolation enabled by Adastra’s microservices approach.

Why Adastra?

Advanced Expertise

Adastra’s team of experts has successfully implemented solutions for clients across a variety of different verticals and brings a high level of knowledge and experience to every project.

Proven Methodology

Our proven solution delivery approach uses an agile framework for continuous improvement and collaboration. We leverage tools, accelerators and automated processes to speed up the cloud migration journey.

Customer Focus

Adastra works closely with your organization to ensure solutions are tailored to your unique requirements and preferences while meeting your business objectives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Adastra has a toolkit of many different strategies for migration, including:

  • Lift and shift: moving existing applications onto cloud as is
  • Refactoring: using minimum existing code changes
  • Re-platforming: on cloud infrastructure
  • Rearchitecting: building a new architecture
  • Rebuilding: rewriting code
  • Cloud-native: replacing the application

We work with your organization to determine the best strategy for your unique situation and implement it with our go-to-market strategy of migrate, modernize and re-imagine.

Microservices are modular in architecture, offering more flexibility, better security, faster deployment cycles and other benefits compared to monolithic applications.

Microservices are more flexible as functions are broken up into smaller, independent components. Each one can be adjusted and deployed independently, allowing for faster deployment cycles. They are also ideal for isolating and quickly resolving issues with performance and security.

A microservices architecture can reduce costs, support continuous innovation, improve customer experience and improve developer productivity.

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