Data Migrations with Adoki

Facilitate data transfers and data replication at scale to and from any platform.

Adoki Makes Your Data Usable

As the volume of your data increases, so does the complexity of storing and using it. Traditional data warehouses can be inefficient for some types of data and specific large data platforms can be used as an alternative.

Keeping the many data-producing systems that need to be connected and departments that share data up-to-date and complete is time-consuming and often requires a team of specialists.

You need a reliable and straightforward way of moving data, that is easy to manage and even easier to scale.

Move Data Easily

Adoki efficiently replicates data between systems to generate and scale data transfers. Centrally manage and monitor transfers to and from any data platform (on-premises or cloud) based on metadata.

The cloud-based tool connects to any data repository using native solutions and connectors. To keep data consistent, Adoki creates and automatically checks data schemas, automatically optimizing data transfers as they progress.

Manage tens of thousands of data transfers and free up your team’s time for other important work.

The Benefits of Adoki Data Migration Tool


Data transfers are automatically optimized for speed without limiting platform operation.


Modular architecture allows easy integration and quick setup without manual programming.


Manage data transfers of any volume and range without restrictions on formats or sources.


Ensure data transfers are secure and compliant in all environments.

Eliminate Errors

Ensure input data is error-free for accurate results and reliable data.

Save Developer Time

Free up developer capacity to work on other strategic initiatives.

Improve Modelling

Feed metadata back into the organization to improve AI and ML models.


Connect dozens to hundreds of systems with the same ease and efficiency.

Start Working with Adoki – Easily and Intuitively

Graphical User Interface

Developers and users work with Adoki using an intuitive graphical user interface.

REST Interface

For systems and automated frameworks, Adoki offers a REST interface.

Elastic/Kibana Dashboards

Adoki provides dashboards in Elastic/Kibana, an open-source tool for visualizing processed logs.

Business use cases for Adoki

Synchronized Data

Maintain data synchronization while moving to new platforms in the cloud, on-premises, or hybrid.

Anonymized Data for Analytics

Leverage data from multiple systems for analytics and data science applications. Transform and anonymize in compliance with regulations.

Cloud Enablement

Get help to seamlessly move data from on-premises to cloud systems, with appropriate cost control and compliance measures in place.

Optimized Workloads

Use sophisticated tools to analyze resource consumption and automatically optimize workloads to improve system performance and availability.

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