Code Migration Services

The quick, easy and accurate way to migrate data pipelines.

Code Migrations Can Hold You Back

Migrating legacy code can be the biggest roadblock in your cloud transformation. Manually re-platforming data pipelines is time-consuming and prone to errors.

If your codebase is large and complex, you may have difficulties understanding how everything fits together and how the migration will affect your dependent systems.

Your busy developers may not have the time to rewrite code or adequately test the newly migrated systems.

Streamline and automate your code migrations

Adastra’s Code Migration Services harness the power of ADELE. This powerful tool simplifies migrate data pipelines from any legacy to target system—whether you want to re-platform on-premises or in the cloud.

Discover how ADELE gives you complete control over your re-platforming processes while eliminating most of the costs associated with migrating data to the cloud.

Code Migration Benefits

Simplify Migrations

Make it easy for developers to re-platform data pipelines to any target system. With ADELE, you can migrate to the cloud with a single click and also streamline on-premises platforming.

Extract Insights

Visualization tools, data lineage mappings, and metadata reporting allow for rapid analysis that gives you new insights into what’s happening across your organization.

Minimize Manual Work

Build new data integration solutions for non-SQL target platforms—without the hassle of re-entering the prototype SQL mapping into your target data integration tool.

Avoid Coding Errors

Any developer can re-platform data with speed and accuracy, as ADELE uses automation to eliminate coding errors and time-consuming data engineering.

Code Migration Methodology

ADELE’s powerful features, such as data lineage and the automatic generation of target data pipelines, streamline your code migrations.


We start by gaining an understanding of your solutions’ complexity and preparing a strategic migration plan.


Adastra and ADELE will accelerate your transformation efforts by automating most of the migration tasks.


We’ll make sure that your migrated solution delivers the same—or better—results as your legacy technology.

“Adastra helped us take a broader perspective around our analytics platform. Their team of experts established and implemented a future proof architecture that enables us to scale our Power BI platform across Magna divisions globally.”

Stefan Tropper | Director, B2B & Solutions, Magna Global IT

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