Self-Service Business Intelligence (BI)

Empower teams to make better decisions with a platform for data management and visualization.

Siloed Systems Make Data Unreliable

Your teams rely on data to guide their decisions. But if you don’t have a central BI platform that’s easy to access, it’s hard for analysts to find information they can trust.

Analysts could spend weeks digging through different systems, creating spreadsheets and validating data to produce a single report. However, these manual processes are prone to errors that can impact everyone’s decisions.

Critical Insights on Demand

Self-service BI improves decision-making by giving teams on-demand access to critical insights from across the organization.

Adastra’s self-service BI solutions enable fast research, prototype validation, ad-hoc analyses and information sharing.

With Adastra, you can automate your reporting and free up your people for valuable strategic work.

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For more than 20 years, Adastra has helped organizations accelerate innovation, improve operational efficiencies and create unforgettable customer experiences—all with the power of data.

Harness accurate, real-time analytics to identify opportunities and minimize risks.
Identify trends and patterns in your organization’s data with Adastra’s state-of-the-art business intelligence services.
Develop dashboards for easily understandable insights that help you achieve your business goals.
Leverage previously unexposed data to generate new insights and gain a competitive advantage.

FAQs: Self-Service BI

Contact us for help with your self-service BI assessment and implementation. We will conduct discovery sessions with your stakeholders to understand your gaps, challenges and goals. 

During the assessment phase, we will help you identify the right platform based on the requirements we gathered during your discovery sessions. 

We train your teams, so they feel comfortable using the platform for data analytics and decision-making.   

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