Database Migration to AWS

Save time and cost by migrating to fully managed AWS databases that run at scale with high availability and reliability.


Purpose-built and Fully Managed AWS Cloud Databases

The crisis that Covid-19 imposed on business and the need for rapid digitalization clearly pointed out the need for companies to be as agile and efficient as possible.

Planning and executing the cloud migration might not be an easy task to do, and organizations look for experienced partners who can help them in this initiative. Adastra is an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner in the area of professional services and helps organizations in defining their cloud migration strategy and roadmap. As a trusted partner, Adastra can help secure AWS funding for the migration programs of its customers.

Database Migration Made Easier

In order to make database migration even an easier task, especially when there are so many options to choose from, AWS provides the Database Migration Services (DMS), which allows you to easily migrate data from your on-premises database to AWS and even between AWS databases as well. In addition, AWS DMS provides the possibility to convert to another database engine while moving your data to the AWS cloud and perform a heterogeneous migration, using the Schema Conversion Tool.

AWS Data Lake Implementation in Healthcare
Success Stories

AWS Data Lake Implementation

Skylight Health Group was also looking at a centralized repository for storing and reporting on their EMR data (Electronic Medical Records).

The solution is comprised of two major components – a data lake to store any data, in any format, from any source and a Redshift data warehouse which sources data from the data lake and hosts a robust integrated data model, allowing for consolidated reporting. The predefined reports are implemented using AWS QuickSight.


more productive analytics team


manual effort needed to produce unified and consolidated reports


 infrastructure maintenance needed

“The implementation of the AWS Cloud Analytics Platform powered complex insights into our business in an automated fashion. This eliminated the need of manual data manipulations and allowed all business users to focus on our main mission – offer high-quality, affordable healthcare and deliver integrated medical services with compassion and care.”

Chris Smith | VP Digital Health, Skylight Health Group

Migrate to AWS Now

Adastra’s cloud experts leverage our cloud 360 methodology to guide organizations through Assessment, Discovery, Targeting, Planning, Piloting and Migration steps. We help to de-risk your migration and accelerate your time to value. Let our experts guide you on your journey to the cloud.

AWS Database Migration Methodology

Our experts will apply their expertise and will utilize the best practices and frameworks, created by AWS, to support the assessment, discovery, planning and migration of your on-premises databases to AWS. Being an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner, Adastra can help you with defining your case and apply for AWS funding through the Migration Acceleration Program (MAP).

We identify all stakeholders and handle a series of exploratory workshops and conduct detailed discovery of the components of the on-premises environment. We define how the existing databases are used, as well as all the applications and use cases they support. To complete assessment we identify any dependencies and potential roadblocks that would prevent a successful database migration to AWS.

We join forces to choose the AWS database that best matches your business applications and use case. Our teams plan the exact database migration steps and services that will be used defining required roles, access and security controls which would be needed, as well as reconciliation metrics in order to make sure your data has been correctly migrated. Upon migration plan creation we inform and get all required stakeholders involved.

Execute the database migration plan starting with the configuration of your AWS environment, including setting up accounts, VPCs, security groups, and other necessary components including the target database that has been identified. We then migrate your data from on-premises to the target AWS database collecting your reconciliation metrics and confirming the migration has been successfully completed. At the end of the cycle, we establish the right monitoring features and controls so you have the insights into how your AWS database performs.

Frequently Asked Questions

You need to answer two major questions:

1. Is it a one-off migration or there will be a period in which both databases will exist in parallel and we’ll need continuous replication to migrate the data?

2. Should we use AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) to perform the actual migration, or we can simply export data from the database and transfer it into AWS (e.g., using Snowball) where we’ll load it into the target database?

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