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​Quickly identify patterns and trends in your data with self-service business intelligence platforms.

Low-Quality Data Impacts Your Decisions

Data alone will not give you a competitive advantage. To stand out in your market, you need easy access to data that gives you accurate, business insights in real-time. Self-service business intelligence can help you maximize your data’s value—but only if you have a proper BI strategy in place.

Poor data quality, siloed systems and low user adoption rates can harm your BI efforts and prevent you from gaining a complete view of your operations. These issues also impact analysis, as business leaders won’t know if they can trust your data when making critical decisions.

Self-Service, Accurate and Reliable Data

Our end-to-end BI solutions provide you with clean, accurate data you can trust. We start by developing a comprehensive roadmap that helps you get the most value from your data. Then, we tailor a BI solution that meets your unique reporting and security requirements.

Extensive experience has shown us that executive buy-in and user adoption are crucial to your BI success. That’s why we will work with your executives to drive advocacy. We will also teach teams how to use your new BI tools and incorporate them into your current business processes.

25% Shipping Cost Optimization for Supply Chain - square image.
Success Story

25% Shipping Cost Optimization for Supply Chain

Our client wanted to enable intelligent retail by leveraging Microsoft Power BI to power the company’s cloud-native retail order management analytics.

Adastra developed an Azure Data Warehouse solution that facilitates advanced analytics using Microsoft Power BI.


decrease in delayed shipments


decrease in shipping cost


source of truth for all data

“We consulted with Adastra on establishing the foundational framework for an MS Power Platform at QuadReal, with a focus on effectively managing, scaling, and governing the applications within our organization. Adastra enabled productive discussions with our team, offered tailored and definitive recommendations, delivered usable resources, and was an active and knowledgeable partner in this process.”

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For more than 20 years, Adastra has helped organizations accelerate innovation, improve operational efficiencies and create unforgettable customer experiences—all with the power of data.

Harness accurate, real-time analytics to identify opportunities and minimize risks.
Develop dashboards for easily understandable insights that help you achieve your business goals.
Embrace self-service business intelligence to speed up time to insights and enable fast data-driven decisions.
Leverage previously unexposed data to generate new insights and gain a competitive advantage.

Business Intelligence FAQs

Yes! Adastra offers short-term engagements where we help assess and plan data fabric and data mesh implementations.

Yes. We will provide training, change management and adoption strategies for your business intelligence solution. 

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