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​Uncover valuable insights that help you boost efficiencies, cut costs and gain a competitive edge.

AI Analytics

Driving Business Value from AI

Adding AI to your processes can help you uncover insights you won’t find using traditional analytics—making it easier to predict trends, mitigate disruptions and boost efficiencies.

But many teams are hesitant to embrace AI over fears their jobs may become redundant, difficulty building accurate models and security concerns— especially when handling personally identifiable information (PII).

Organizations that use AI often lack the right skills and strategies. They rely on pre-built AI models that aren’t suited to their needs. This leads to inaccurate data that doesn’t provide a complete picture of what’s happening across the business.

Uncover Insights with AI Analytics

Adastra helps you develop an AI strategy that drives value across your organization. We start by using our proven AI maturity framework to assess your current state. Then, we create a strategy that addresses your gaps and helps you harness advanced analytics.

We build AI models that meet your unique needs and provide high accuracy for your business problems. Our team applies security best practices to protect your data.

To ensure smooth implementation and organizational buy-in, we train your teams on the benefits of AI and how to build or maintain models internally.

GoodLeaf's vertical farming powered by cloud data analytics - square image.
Success Story

Canadian Vertical Farm Boosts Production with Cloud Data Analytics

GoodLeaf Farms partnered with Adastra to introduce Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics and Microsoft Power Platform. These technologies help the farm leverage data to improve yield and quality while gaining increased visibility into its sustainable farming business.


more abundant crops


the genetic potential of seeds


and automate operations

AI Analytics FAQs

Reach out to our experts! We assess your current AI maturity level and create a roadmap and help you implement your advanced analytics journey.

Yes! We apply our expertise across various industries to help your organization identify potential use cases. Our library of sample use cases is ready to leverage, or we can assess your business processes to identify opportunities for custom AI solutions 

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