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Increased Meeting Efficiency by an Automated Meeting Planner

Our client wanted to avoid meeting participants wasting their time in searching for related information about business meetings.


man-hours saved annually


faster document processing


on more productive tasks by the business users

About the Client

One of the largest automotive groups in Europe.


Adastra automated the incoming MS Outlook meeting invitation workload, enabling faster document processing.

Success Story


Service Domain:

Business case 

Once a week a meeting between stakeholders takes place. They discuss effort estimation concerning all upcoming orders for materials that will be used at the production lines. The meeting itself has a very tight schedule with only five minutes being granted to each speaker. Such a high time pressure does not allow for the participants to waste minutes in searching for related information which resides in different in-house application in the form of attached files 

Customer’s objectives: 

  • Store all related documents in a shared drive prior to the meeting. 
  • Ditch the mundane, trivial work of sorting the required documents for the agenda. 
  • Eliminate the possibility for missed documents. 


The solution involves processing an incoming MS Outlook meeting invitation, with an attached excel file containing the agenda. The content of the agenda is checked by a bot whether it is valid. Records which pass the validation are then further processed by downloading the respective attachments and storing them in a shared folder accessible by all meeting participants. A full file path is added to the meeting agenda which enables an easy one-click access and eliminates the necessity of locating the desired file during the meeting 


  • Focus on more productive tasks by the business users 
  • 3x faster document processing 
  • 100 man-hours saved annually 

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