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Machine Learning

As the research and technology of Machine Learning reaches new heights, Adastra is focused on providing real applications that can help drive your business forward.

Adastra develops models to fit your specific needs and data, with solutions that are dynamic, fast, and accurate. From simpler regression models leveraging structured data to more complex multivariate regression or multi-class classifiers that leverage various types of structured and unstructured data, our team of highly qualified data scientists can do it all.


Trend Identification

Machine Learning can be used to effectively determine trends, patterns, and correlations that can be leveraged for data-driven decision making.

Constant Improvement

Ensure accurate solutions by having Machine Learning monitor and improve accuracy with new data.

Multivariate Analysis

Improve your business decisions with insights generated from ML models that can identify patterns across multiple internal and external datasets.

Optimized Models

Every model requires unique adjustments and tuning for your specific application to ensure that the results obtained are accurate and robust.


Intelligent Recommendations

Improve customer experience while increasing upsell opportunities with intelligent recommendations. Machine Learning algorithms effectively generate recommendations based on customer behavior and historical purchasing data, helping your customers find what they are looking for or products and/or services that they may not have considered at the start of their purchasing journey.

Credit Scoring

Circumvent the risks associated with the uncertainty that clients might not meet their payment obligations. Adastra's machine learning solutions are able to effectively process a variety of data to obtain a holistic view of each customer's financial behavior. With accurate credit scoring, you will protect your business from unforeseen losses.

Image Recognition

Train powerful models to recognize animated or human drawn images for anomaly detection. Leveraging Convolutional Neural Networks to recognize patterns within images, Adastra's image recognition solutions have the ability to address several use cases. Image classification can help businesses organize vast amounts of visual files, prepared for other uses such as analytics. Image recognition can also be leveraged in marketing in the form of visual listening, helping businesses to understand their customers' interests through social media posts.



Use Case

Customer Behaviour Analytics


The client has a social responsibility to withhold by uncovering and diverting individuals from causing financial harm to themselves through gambling. They required two models, which could determine the risks associated with an individual based on their gaming patterns and a cumulative risk scoring model.


Determined unique features, which described gaming volatility and habits, by aggregating multiple TBs of data from different types of casino and e-gaming systems.

Performed modelling on a Cloudera Hadoop instance, leveraging PySpark for model development.

Provided business consumable front ends through Tableau.


Risk assessment model was able to accurately classify individuals as higher risk with a 700% increase in accuracy.

Devised, validated and leveraged various risk performance indicators for building cumulative risk model.

Offered real-time updates through Tableau's dashboard front-end.


1 Data Scientist and 1 Data Engineer


Only 6 months to completion

Increased accuracy

Increase in accuracy over previous methods

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