Data Quality Solution for Dynamics 365 CRM

Maximize marketing ROI and get accurate insights that drive desired business outcomes. Classify, identify and remediate data quality issues straight in Dynamics 365 CRM.

CRM Data Quality Challenges

Poor data quality flowing within and/or between your CRM and ERP applications has the capability to not only hamper customer relationships but derail internal processes dependent on accurate information. Ensuring that data is governed, trusted, and actionable should be top of mind for enterprises truly looking to maximize their ROI for Dynamics 365 (D365).

Data Quality Solution Benefits

Our D365 Data Quality web application solution delivers to your organization the power to track and improve your data quality, elevating the insights which your organization can extract from your customer data. With Adastra’s data quality solution for Dynamics 365 you will:

Rely on a 100% clean data

Cleanse your existing CRM records and keep them clean. Assign and track data quality issues in an easy-to-use interface.

Maximize marketing ROI

Optimize marketing campaign management to target prospects more effectively, lower marketing costs and increase marketing ROI.

Improve sales performance

Create clear demarcations in account ownership to ensure a single line of communication with customers and get a better chance of closing sales.

Enhance customer service

Improve overall customer experience by sharing timely and relevant information with your customers and strengthen customer relationships.

Save time and resources

Eliminate the need for manual cleansing and custom querying of data to identify and resolve quality issues.

Improve decision-making

Get an aggregated view of the overall health of your CRM data to make confident business decisions based on true insights.

What is D365 Data Quality Solution?

D365 Data Quality solution extends the natural capability of your Dynamics 365 CRM by providing visibility into your data quality and the controls to improve it. The web application solution ensures data issues are captured as the data is being entered allowing immediate correction. Data stewards are provided with the tools they need to provide a trusted source of customer data for your entire organization.

Microsoft Native Solutioning

Adastra’sD365 Data Quality application solution integrates seamlessly with Dynamics 365 by leveraging native Microsoft technology, including Power Apps, Power Automate and common data services.

Easy to Deploy and Use

D365 Data Quality web application solution is a plug-in to your existing D365 solution and does not require additional servers, thus minimizing the impact to your infrastructure. It can be deployed in just 1 business day.

D365 Data Quality Features

Leveraging Microsoft native technology, the D365 Data Quality Web Application solution for Dynamics 365 integrates seamlessly with D365 and offers your organization the ability to classify, track, and remediate data quality issues within your environment with a few clicks.

Interactive Data Quality Dashboards

Consume an aggregated view of your data quality for all key master entities with the ability to drill down and review specific issues.

Interactive data quality dashboards for Dynamics 365 by Adastra Bulgaria.
Review and remediate data quality issues straight in Dynamics 365.

Review and Remediate Data Quality Issues

Evaluate records and their key fields influencing “Warning” or “Error” classifications within your Dynamics 365 Data Quality Dashboard and move directly to data entry to correct issues or override DQ rules to classify records as “Valid.”

Classify and Track Data Quality

Instantly validate your data quality as you input, import or update existing records. Based on rules, your records will automatically be classified as “Valid, Warning, or Error,” highlighting where intervention is needed with automated business user alerts.

DQ application screenshot - Classify and track data quality.
DQ application screenshot - get instant notifications to business users.

Get instant notifications for business users

Receive alerts for immediate data quality intervention.

Configure your own data quality rules

Configure the rules to fit your data governance needs. Turn rules on and off or modify their severity or descriptions.

DQ application screenshot - configure your own data quality rules.

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