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Get more from your data with accurate modelling and scenarios.

Helping Hands to Implement Machine Learning

Machine learning is transforming businesses by automating complex processes, providing insights and providing solutions to complex problems. However, bringing AI-based systems and machine learning technologies into production environments can be challenging and fraught with pitfalls that often leave machine learning initiatives stuck in the planning stages.

Frequently, extensive infrastructure and scalability requirements or lack of technical expertise is the cause. A solution provider with expertise in AI can help you successfully implement and fully leverage machine learning capabilities based on your business goals.

Using mathematical approaches, machine learning (ML) determines structural patterns and data segmentations within your data. These hidden signals can be used to make predictions and model the outcome of business decisions. 

Our data scientists build models to fit your needs, from simple regression models to more complex models using various types of structured and unstructured data.

Move from Reactive to Proactive

Increase Foresight

Accurately predict outcomes, based changes in demand, buyers’ preferences, system failures, and more – then proactively take action. We build models with actionable insights to help reduce risk and capitalize on business opportunities.

Improve Processes

Business and customers’ needs continually change. It can be hard to adapt with rule-based workflows. ML insights help you improve your processes and decision-making based on the most recent behavior-based data.
Success Story

Image Anomaly Detection in Manufacturing with AI and ML

The client’s objective was to modernize and automate the existing manual processes. They brought Adastra in to find a way to compare images from the current runs with those from past successful runs of that recipe of foam and issue alerts if any deviations were found.

We used an image segmentation model to determine the position of the cream line, which is the defining line between the liquid pour and the solid expanded foam. Determining the optimal position of this line is key to ensuring production of a consistent and reliable foam.


scrap reduction


per year in savings

6 week

PoC implementation

Machine Learning Use Cases

Predict and Forecast

Make better business decisions using ML models to identify patterns that may otherwise be hidden withing your business data. ML examines customer behavior, competitor offers, process telemetry and non-business factors such as weather, holidays and high-risk events, delivering predictions and forecasts to help you assess risk.

Real-time Insights

Business moves quickly and you need the most up-to-date information to make informed decisions. ML and AI-driven analytics can deliver near-real-time reporting on data from across your organization. Solve your organization’s biggest challenges with quick insights into customers, efficiency and profitability.

Next Steps

Hidden opportunities exist throughout your organization – ways to improve customer service, grow revenue and improve business functions. ML algorithms analyze complex data highlighting trends and modelling scenarios to help provide intelligent recommendations on the next steps for your business.


Use product and client information to form clusters with similarities in relation to key business metrics. Apply unsupervised learning techniques to segment customer information, accelerating reporting and to uncover insights products and offers that will resonate across various demographic and behavioral groups.

“Adastra measures its success by the success of the organizations they provide support to and that is proved by their actions and work ethics.

The level of cooperation between members of our organization and Adastra has always been outstanding. It is easy to say that both parties work together as a single unit, and I am looking forward to further cooperation with Adastra.”

Chris Smith
VP Digital Health, Skylight Health Group

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