Your Customer Data Is More Important Now Than Ever

April 6, 2020

Slowly, a new reality is setting in. Organizations continue to address business processes and infrastructure as employees are establishing home offices. Onboarding, collaboration, data collection, data management, and information processing and analysis are now conducted remotely. Customers have changed the way by which they interact with organizations, both public and private. The questions many of us have at the top of our minds are, how long will this go on? Is this the new normal? Will we go back to our “old” ways?

Human nature is such that we will adapt. Servicing clients and customers will not go away, but rather how we serve them is going to change. The expectation of great customer experiences will, however remain. At this point, organizations should now turn their attention to key data sets that enable their organization to maintain their ability to deliver on the expectations of a great customer experience. One of these critical data sets is customer information.

It is an understatement to say that internal resources are stretched and overwhelmed. The ability for organizations to dig into customer data sets and address issues is limited. Adastra’s webinar series, The Importance of Customer Data Quality, is aimed at showcasing best practices to assist organizations with the management of their customer data. By providing guidance and tools, Adastra is hoping to do its small part in assisting organizations to adapt so that they can continue to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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Kristian Gravelle, VP Marketing, Adastra

Kristian Gravelle

Chief Marketing Officer

Experienced Marketing Leader, focused on translating Adastra’s value proposition into tangible business success factors and outcomes.

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