Three Ways Organizations Are Seeing Cost Savings by Moving to the Cloud

November 30, 2022

It’s no secret that organizations have been taking a cloud-first approach to their business solutions – according to Gartner, an estimated 95% of new projects will be deployed on the cloud by 2025.

Organizations are seeing the many benefits of cloud storage and computing, including scalability, increased security, flexibility, centralized data, and the ability to leverage cloud-native advanced analytics tools.

On top of all that, organizations can realize significant cost savings. Below are three ways organizations are saving money by moving to the cloud:

  1. Using a Pay-As-You-Go Model

Cloud solutions are typically available on a pay-as-you-go basis, meaning organizations only pay for the time and resources they actually use. This can significantly reduce costs as well as wasted resources compared to legacy payment systems.

There are three main types of cloud computing services, which structure their pay-as-you-go system differently.
•    Software as a service (SaaS) – pricing can be based on usage, features, or storage.
•    Platform as a service (PaaS) – pricing can be based on the number of applications, users, or memory consumed.
•    Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) – pricing is based on usage (by the hour, week, or month).

To monitor usage and keep costs low, organizations may want to implement a cloud expense management strategy.

  1. No Physical Equipment to Manage

On-premises or legacy equipment incurs many extra costs including storage or office space, maintenance, IT staff, and energy costs to keep it running.

With cloud technology, these are virtually eliminated. Cloud solutions providers take care of all updates and maintenance, leaving the stress and costs with them. This also frees up time for organizations’ IT staff to focus on programming and other business-driving activities.

Companies that are growing rapidly don’t need to worry about purchasing new, expensive equipment and finding space to store it to keep up with their growing business needs, as cloud storage can scale quickly and automatically to suit organizations’ needs.

Cloud technology is also efficient for remote workplaces that may not want to spend money on physical office space.

  1. Increased System Reliability

On average, on-premises solutions experience more downtime, meaning organizations that take advantage of cloud technology are able to be more productive. Without lost time, organizations are able to optimize their revenue and increase customer satisfaction.

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