The Saviour is in the Details

April 28, 2020

Right now, organizations are slowly settling into their new normal. They have equipped employees with laptops and remote connections. Share drives and other collaboration tools have been established to support current business processes. In some cases, organizations have made the difficult decision to only keep critical staff. Managers and business leaders execute such decisions to stabilize the organization and to continue servicing their clients and customers.

Organizational leaders try very hard to minimize risk for their business. Processes and plans are developed with this objective in mind. Through no fault of their own, leaders cannot address every detail and in times of uncertainty, these details can appear out of the blue and bring the organization to a standstill. As an example, organizations may have well documented processes to enable employees to work remotely. However, the impact on servers, applications, and systems may not have been fully tested or appropriately scaled, ceasing the ability for the organization to function. It’s these types of details that need additional attention.

Someone once said, “the devil is in the details,” while in reality, “the savior is in the details.” It truly is impossible to think of all the little things that can go wrong and plan for them. Adastra has developed a series of free webinars to discuss and share best practices around select details that threaten to stop organizations in their tracks. Through this, Adastra is looking to do its small part to assist organizations and ensure business continuity.

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Kristian Gravelle, VP Marketing, Adastra

Kristian Gravelle

Chief Marketing Officer

Experienced Marketing Leader, focused on translating Adastra’s value proposition into tangible business success factors and outcomes.

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