The Future of Marketing with AmetIO Personalized Videos

August 30, 2020

Over the past decades, marketing has become a necessity for business survival. The commoditization of marketing, however, has resulted in a cluttered, ad-littered environment where a consumer cannot make it through a day without being bombarded by thousands of irrelevant ads.

The dawn of the digital marketing era brought endless possibilities in terms of reach, customer segmentation, and targeting. The cost of reaching and acquiring new customers reached unforeseen lows and with mediums like web and social media promotions, email marketing, video ads, brands could reach their customers at a time, device, frequency that they knew to be ideal. However, with hundreds of thousands of brands angling for customer time and mind-space, it has become increasingly difficult for marketing to deliver on its age-old promise of helping brands stand out.

Today’s average modern consumer is estimated to come across 6000 to 10000 ads every single day. While these numbers vary with market and demographics, even at the lowest estimate, this implies that average consumers see as many as 6.25 advertisements every single waking minute!

Standing Out in Today’s Oversaturated Digital Marketing Environment

How can a brand make the most of its marketing spends? And most importantly, how can a brand ensure that their customer remembers them over the 9999 other ads they saw that day?

As a consumer, your mind has started to automatically filter the pointless ads and marketing messages you see through the day, so much so that they barely register as anything except background noise.

Imagine now, if you will, a brand creating a marketing campaign just for you. You receive a personalized video that refers to you by name, and gently nudges you out of your ad-desensitized phase. Everything in the message is tailored specifically for you and it has an offer for a great add-on to the product you bought last week. Wouldn’t that stay with you? In fact, you will likely not only remember the offer but also the brand that made an effort to know you and address you as an individual, rather than a nameless, faceless persona in a crowd. Luckily, digital marketers today have the tools and data to make this possible.

Speak to your Customers 1:1 with AmetIO Personalized Videos

With tools like AmetIO, it is possible to create personalized digital campaigns at scale and at a cost that makes sense for your business. AmetIO has the power to supercharge your digital campaigns and help you strengthen your targeted marketing in previously unimaginable ways. Digital marketing experts agree that the ultimate objective of the digital channel is to create and deliver marketing messages that are personalized to a 1:1 level, or as close to it as possible. Compared to standards videos, AmetIO personalized videos have a 4 times higher conversion rate.

Moreover, AmetIO gives the power of personalization in your hands, allowing you to leverage your data to personalize different aspects of the message. You can start with something as simple as a name or use the solution’s functionality to offer your customers optimized deals based on individual shopping habits and products they like.

Every customer touchpoint today brings in some fresh data, be it in the form of cookies, contact forms, clicks or purchases. Most organizations appreciate the importance of knitting these tidbits together to form a complete, accurate, up-to-date picture of their customer. By visualizing a customer’s journey, an organization can glean important information that can be integrated to create more relevant, exciting, personalized marketing campaigns and sales offers using AmetIO.

Our clients have been successfully using AmetIO to connect at a personal level with customers and prospective customers at different stages of the marketing funnel. Ametio personalized videos typically have a 5 times higher click-through rate, which makes them a great tool to add to your marketing mix for audience outreach. From showcasing relevant products and services while acquiring and onboarding new customers to supporting sales through tailored explainer videos, this solution ensures that your customers are at the center of the creative process.

We understand that marketing is an ongoing cycle, and retention and customer care is as important as acquisition and sales. Using AmetIO’s videos, you can send personalized appreciation promotions to encourage loyalty and keep your customers informed about important updates, news and more. With personalized reminders about key dates (bill payments, account anniversaries), your brand will always remain top of mind for your customers. Metrics from our existing clients show that AmetIO personalized videos have a 4x higher brand recall and twice the engagement compared to typical video campaigns.

AmetIO’s offerings can also be adapted to suit your optimal channel mix based on your customers’ preferences, ranging from email marketing to in-app advertisements. Flexible campaign options allow you to create your own video templates or leverage AmetIO’s expertise for end-to-end video production, starting from design to development. Moreover, our real-time dashboard lets you track results, analyze metrics and calculate ROI in line with your business objectives and key performance indicators.

The front-runners in marketing have always been organizations that have taken a futuristic view and adopted solutions that set them apart from the crowd. With AmetIO’s power of personalization and this unique marriage of data and delivery, you can augment your customer journey and give your customers and potential customers the personal care that they deserve, while improving your organization’s marketing returns.

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