Digital Maturity

May 25, 2020

Identify Where You Are on the Digital Transformation Journey

Digital Transformation has many meanings, depending on who you ask. From a business strategy perspective, it is the intentional digitization of processes to achieve objectives such as improved productivity, greater agility and flexibility, enhanced customer experience, etc. It is the evolution an organization undergoes to integrate digital technology in order to support the business strategy and to meet objectives.

Digital Transformation is not a one-time initiative, but it is an ongoing set of processes that entails the preparedness of six key elements:

  1. Technology
  2. Insights & Measurements
  3. Customer Engagement
  4. Strategy & Leadership
  5. Operations & Processes
  6. Culture, Talent & Structure

Each organization is unique; as an organization scales, its processes evolve as does its culture and workforce. When it comes to digital maturity, each organization will find itself at a different step in the process. Each step is important, and organizational leaders should refrain from jumping ahead as this could result in losses rather than meeting objectives.

All organizational leaders should have a deep understanding of where they are in terms of digital maturity. If you don’t know where you are, how can you be sure of your next step? By determining your organization’s level of digital maturity, you can begin to develop a robust plan that will garner success. You will understand what your organization has achieved thus far and the steps you must take in order to progress your digital maturity. This will enable you to ultimately execute digital initiatives that deliver a strategic impact with full support from the organization. When you reach this level of digital maturity, you will not only meet desired business objectives, but you will ensure your organization is prepared for the next digital breakthrough.

Adastra has developed a Digital Maturity Assessment tool that facilitates the development of Digital Transformation for all organizations. Access the free assessment here and accelerate your path to value creation and great customer interactions.

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