How Businesses Can Accelerate Their Digital Journey in the Cloud

May 22, 2020

Digital automation, for improved business processes and enhanced customer experience, is on the key priority list of increasing number of companies. However, in this pandemic-inflicted market uncertainty, many strategic Digital Transformation initiatives have been frozen or delayed.

Sava Vladov, Adastra VP Business Development and AWS Certified Solutions Architect, shares his view on open questions about Cloud computing that companies are raising nowadays.

Why is it crucial to run your business in the Cloud nowadays, especially in times of pandemic?

Financial factors are the first to be considered in these trying economic times. Dashed upfront investments, economy of scale and pay per use offerings are all Cloud benefits empowering businesses to pursue their digital strategy and adapt swiftly to customers’ evolving needs and increasingly selective buying decisions. Furthermore, the opportunity for on demand usage eliminates the need for early and often premature technology and sizing decisions. Companies can experiment and scale up and down, in accordance to their exact needs.

What is important for a successful Cloud strategy?

Effective Cloud strategy requires well thought planning for achieving each company’s specific objectives. Adastra Bulgaria can assess the particular needs and affirm where businesses need to be and how to get there. We help our clients to choose the right Cloud providers, migrate their existing solutions to the Cloud, and build new Cloud-native solutions.

Is every business ready for the Cloud?

Any business can benefit from operating in the Cloud. Large enterprises can leverage the flexibility to experiment and innovate while small businesses can gain access to huge computing power, scaling on demand, in accordance with their precise needs. From our side, we, Adastra Bulgaria, are supporting business case validations for digital initiatives in the Cloud with pro bono Technical Assessment and assistance for PoC implementation.

How can companies process and store their data in the Cloud?

Companies are increasingly managing their data and business-critical applications in the Cloud. Adastra Bulgaria’s leading Information Management expertise empowers businesses to build top notch Cloud-native data solutions like Data Warehousing, Near Real-Time (NRT) Data Analytics and Visualization, Internet of Things, Network Analysis, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, helping them reap all the benefits from operating in the Cloud.

Is there a shortcut to Cloud migration?

Successful migrations involve clearly defined needs, objectives and target state. Adastra Bulgaria can help businesses assess where they currently stand and design a thoughtful plan to bridge the gap with the desired final outcome, fulfilling the objectives at each development step. The Adastra leading Cloud migration methodology ensures that the target Cloud architecture and Transition plan accommodate the specific business needs and accelerate companies’ digital success.

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Sava Vladov, VP Business Development at Adastra Bulgaria.

Sava Vladov

VP Business Development

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