Migrating Databases to Managed Services on Google Cloud

Boost innovation capabilities at scale with Google Cloud managed database services.

About the whitepaper

Many organizations consider database migration to cloud as the most challenging aspect of their cloud enablement journey. The simplest approach is to migrate database VMs from on-premises data centers to Google Cloud. However, this leaves your operations teams with much of the same overhead they shoulder today.

Google Cloud provides managed database services that help you modernize and future-proof your database systems. It enables your teams to be more effective and responsive to ever-evolving business imperatives.

5 reasons to adopt Google Cloud managed services

  • Self-service improves developer velocity.
  • Google SRE teams have your back 24 x 365.
  • Automated tasks save time while keeping data secure.
  • Organization policies provide safety guardrails.
  • Deliver more faster without increasing headcount.

The challenge is companies have amassed a large and diverse set of database systems that they must maintain, numbering in some cases thousands of databases. Each deployment requires a different approach to operations, maintenance, security configuration, employee skills, vendor relations, integrations, and hardware requirements. With Google Cloud managed services organizations can overcome this challenge at optimal performance and cost, while boosting innovation capabilities at scale.

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Why choose cloud databases?
  • The benefits of Google Cloud’s managed database services
  • Maximum compatibility for your workloads
  • Migrations that are simple, reliable, and secure

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