An Intelligent Data Cloud is Key to Digital Transformation

Read Google’s precious insights on how to turn your organization’s data into business value that drives innovation and competitive advantage.

About the whitepaper

In today’s digital world, organizations in every field face threats from alternatives with better technology, better business models, better operational value chains and better customer experiences. Digital transformation has been accelerating across leading industries driving business innovations forward. We’re seeing digital innovators disrupt traditional business models left and right by innovating at a much faster pace.

These digital innovators understand the power if unifying data across their organization to drive real transformation and value creation. They get the impact of resilient, mission critical databases, analytics and machine learning systems that can reliably run the business 24/7, and power innovation. Digital innovators are building their intelligent data clouds with a platform that’s open, intelligent, and trusted, and they are doing it now.

By reading this whitepaper, you will learn:

  • Why are companies failing to transform data into value?
  • How to transform your organization’s data into value?
  • What are the key characteristics of an intelligent data cloud?
  • What is an intelligent data cloud? (Sample architecture included)
  • Google’s lessons learnt about intelligent data cloud.

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