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How to Optimize & Evolve 

Digital Transformation is a foundational change in how a business delivers value to its customers by leveraging data and technology to enhance the existing processes across the organization. The singular goal of digital transformation is to achieve excellent business and customer outcomes through frictionless interactions across systems and processes.  

As businesses grow and disruptive technologies emerge, the challenge to stay ahead of the curve can be quite overwhelming for organizations.  

Enter Innovation Labs 

Innovation Labs are created to boost digital transformation and non-digital initiatives, from product development, to process evolution, through to the implementation stage.  

As per a recent study by Gartner, enterprises using Innovation Labs report higher growth and customer satisfaction scores. However, the truth is that innovation labs fail time and time again. 

The reason behind this is that although the labs are set up with best intentions, they are not connected to the company with a clear, business-relevant goal. 

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