Uncovering Latent Insights from Unstructured Content 

About the webinar

As the volume of unstructured data continues to grow at an increasingly high rate, methods, and technologies to store, process, and analyze this data are continuously evolving. Throughout this webinar, we will discuss how to handle, transform, and analyze text-based content, which is the most common source of unstructured data. We will dive into practical business applications that can be solved through Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Object Character Recognition (OCR) and discuss how these techniques can be combined to power Intelligent Search Systems. 

Natural Language Processing 

This sub-field of AI allows machines to intelligently understand text and spoken language in a human-like fashion. You can use processed and vectorized text data for a variety of valuable business tasks, such as developing chatbots, analyzing social media posts and identifying phishing or other digital attacks. 

Optical Character Recognition 

NLP and textual analysis are not limited to digitized text. AI-driven OCR technology allows text from handwritten or digital images to be processed into machine-readable text for downstream analytics. 

Intelligent Search 

Quickly locating information from a processed unstructured data is made possible through AI-backed intelligent search frameworks, which combine cognitive technologies to provide accurate search results to complex queries. Going beyond traditional keyword search, recent algorithms leverage both context and semantics to drive search results for more customized search engines. 

What Will You Learn? 

  • How to leverage NLP to understand the structure and meaning of human language 
  • How OCR allows for the extraction of textual data from digital images 
  • The benefits of intelligent search engines and how the framework developed by Adastra can be used to quickly retrieve information from various data sources 
  • Demo – Mine a set of PDF documents to extract insights and quickly search for relevant information 

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