Secure BI In The Cloud For Healthcare

About the webinar

Data is influencing a transformation in the healthcare industry. With pervasive BI and analytic creating newfound insights and efficiencies, providers have the opportunity to leverage real-time information to enhance the quality and efficiency of patient care. 

Join Adastra and Microsoft as we guide you through emerging technologies and medical BI solutions that are influencing innovation in the healthcare space and highlight success stories from providers who already putting them to use. By the end of our webinar you should understand how to: 

  • Empower your business and employees with real-time insights 
  • Track and manage permissions to access and configure high-value dashboards 
  • Maintain security and privacy of on-premise data in conjunction with Cloud technologies  
  • Leverage Power BI for high-value use cases 

Whether you are pursuing your ongoing Digital Transformation, or want to learn about new and exciting technologies, this webinar is for you! 

Watch our webinar recording to learn more. 

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