Introduction to MLOps 

About the webinar

MLOps is a set of best practices that drive seamless integration between your development cycle and your overall operations process when implementing AI and ML based solutions. 

View this Adastra on-demand webinar for a deep dive into MLOps best practices and the benefits they can deliver to your business. We will start by providing an overview of MLOps and then drilling into its key principles such as CI/CD, versioning, and monitoring, as well as how MLOps can help ensure your AI solutions meet ethical standards. 

We will then provide a demo of an end-to-end model build, deployment, and monitoring solution in Microsoft Azure.  

What Will You Learn? 

  • What MLOps is and the benefits it can bring to businesses looking to implement ML/AI solutions 
  • The working steps to successfully bringing an ML model into production 
  • How MLOps can aid in ensuring your AI solutions are ethically implemented 
  • How to build and deploy an ML solution in Azure 

On-demand webinar

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