Hadoop To Synapse Migration 

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Analytics and insights are the backbone of any data-driven organization. Leveraging the right analytics platform can equip you with advanced, real-time insights across your enterprise. However, not all tools are built the same, and today’s rapidly changing business dynamics demand a level of agility that many platforms of the past cannot meet. 

Hadoop Challenges 

While Apache Hadoop was undoubtedly a revolutionary technology in its time, organizations are realizing that it has since reached its performance limit and can no longer meet current business needs. 

  • High capital infrastructure costs / delays to implement 
  • Requires infrastructure investment to cover “short duration / peak” compute levels 
  • Unable to scale to unanticipated compute levels 
  • Lack of optimized compute leads to slow query performance 
  • Significant technical debt to maintain / operate environments 
  • Difficultyachieving operational excellence through automation, governance, and security 
  • Slow data insights due to missing citizen development / discovery capability Delayed platform upgrades to realize new capabilities 

From an IT standpoint, these platforms require significant upfront investment, time and effort to keep up with compute demands, and resources for platform support and maintenance.  

Migrating to Synapse  

With Azure Synapse, your organization can do away with these challenges and instead, reap the many advantages of the cloud’s Platform-as-a-Service capabilities. Azure Synapse offers you an opportunity to leverage a unified analytics platform for data integration, data exploration, data warehousing, big data analytics, and machine learning. 

Watch our webinar to learn the intricacies of migrating to Azure Synapse. Whether you are currently on Hadoop and are already migrating or are only considering migration, this webinar is for you. 

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