Effortless Innovation through Data Democratization 

About the webinar

Organizations are increasingly engaging in large scale data initiatives that often rely on highly skilled technical experts. As the supply of expertise in the marketplace dwindles, we need to find proven ways for upskilling our team members to fill the gap. Data democratization not only increases the current data and analytic capabilities of your talent pool, but produce deeper analytic insights by giving SMEs the means to explore and investigate.  

In this webinar we explore the benefits and challenges of Data Democratization as it has been developed across enterprises around the world, and pair it with sound methodologies for governance and robust tools that support the vision of a data enabled organization. 

Alteryx has been supporting the mission of Data Literacy across hundreds of organizations around the world. With the power of low-code/no-code analytical process automation, organizations are unlocking the value of hundreds of use cases and driving unique business value at the Line of Business. We explore how Alteryx can help accelerate the Data Democratization journey, and how we pair it with strong  

What Will You Learn? 

  • What is Data Democratization? 
  • The Benefits & Challenges of Data Democratization
  • Mitigating Risk Through Strong Governance 
  • Enabling Data Democratization with Alteryx 

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