Data Visualization with Power BI 

About the webinar

Any organization requires constant decision-making and actionable insights. In the past, the company’s leader lacked the necessary control over a decision and did it as best as they can, or even by mistake. 

With introduction of the new generation of self-service and intuitive business-oriented BI tools, all those issues seem to be much less pressuring. In this webinar, we will introduce you to one of the market leaders in BI world, Microsoft Power BI. 

The advantages of Power BI are unlimited, and its goal is to allow organizations to make fast decisions that would improve their performance in various areas. Data visualization is made simple with Power BI. It offers a full summary of company data in visual form, with display choices such as tables, charts, gauges, and maps, making it easier for teams to use it. 

Download this webinar to learn more about Power BI features that allow you quickly create a report off a table of data with just a few clicks.  

What Will You Learn? 

  • Connect to your data source and create a visual dashboard 
  • Choose right visual for your data and insights 
  • Share your findings and dashboards with your colleagues or an entire organization 
  • Use some of the advanced features of Power BI to enhance your day-to-day activities with additional insights 

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About the speaker

Alena Miazga, BI Practice Lead, Adastra

Alena Miazga

BI Practice Lead, Adastra