Data Visualization with MicroStrategy 

About the webinar

Today’s truth is that successful organizations depend on their data to create value and outperform their competitive set. All too often, this valuable asset is in disparate locations, often siloed and in some cases unreliable for no particular reason. This results in a common day-to-day challenge which is: how do you provide the right insights, to the right individuals in the appropriate timeframe. 

In this session, we will focus on exploring Microstrategy: the modern enterprise platform that brings all your data to all your enterprise users. We will dive into the Enterprise Semantic Graph (ESG) which serves as your enterprise building block and explore the ease in which it can be created, resulting in the acceleration of collaboration and creation of your BI application. You will also learn why ESG and Platform Analytics are critical to meet your organization’s requirements for flexibility, security, and Governance. 

What Will You Learn? 

  • How to seamlessly connect to any data source 
  • How to build dossiers using innovative visualizations, free-form layout, and vertical scrolling options 
  • How to view data and drive business decisions with modern applications that render on any device 
  • How to deliver zero-click contextual insights with the power of HyperIntelligence 

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